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     Aya WMGs 
We'll see Red Lantern Aya at some point.
Not that she'll be recruited by them, but rather she'll end up getting charged by Red Lantern energy and turn red for an episode. Most likely, there will be some situation which forces the crew to jump-start the Interceptor with Razer's battery.
  • In "Loss", Aya says she can't download herself back into the ship because it's too far. The key phrase was "too far", so Aya hopped into the only thing within range, Razer's ring. Now she's trapped there until she can master the power of rage. (Note in the comics, Kilobuzz's entire race fit inside his ring.)
  • Confirmed, minus context, by this image, taken from 0:26 to 0:30 in this video. As if Razer didn't have enough reasons to be pissed.
  • Just because it looks like Aya, doesn't mean it is. I was, personally, under the impression it was a copy made by Atrocitus (she was connected directly into his mainframe on Shard) to beef up his numbers and help him take back the Reds or simple revenge.
    • Well, close. Turns out she's the new Anti-Monitor, more or less.
    • and, amusingly, Razer does end up charging the Interceptor with his battery. Aya just wasn't there to be affected.
    • With Saturday's episode out, it's confirmed: that WAS Aya. It was just the lighting that gave her the reddish coloration, not any Red power.

Aya will have to answer for her claims of lanternhood to the guardians
Similar to the trial episode of Justice League, this episode will be all about the guardians pondering if you can let a machine into the corps when Aya technically is a mix between an artificial intelligence, green lantern energy and machine parts. What Measure Is A Nonhuman will be out in full force this episode, and it will partially be a clip show showing all she has done for the lantern cause. There will be debate, disagreement, and possibly some divided friendships with Killowog's old complaint coming back. The end result I do not know, but it will be the most philosophical of all Green Lantern episodes.
  • If by "answer" you mean "get dissected", then yes, this is confirmed.

When the Manhunters show up, there'll be a storyline involving them and Aya.
Because they're both AIs created by the Guardians that grew beyond what the Guardians intended for them. I wouldn't be surprised if the Manhunters didn't try to recruit her, and her reaction to essentially looking into a dark mirror could be great personal drama.
  • In "Blue Hope," Aya tried to encourage the Manhunters to grow beyond their programming rather than being completely bound by it. It didn't work.
  • Confirmed. She's controlling them now.

The Manhunters will cross paths with Aya...
...and their response will be: "Emotions detected." Especially if Razer is in the vicinity.
  • Confirmed

Aya will die in the fight against the Anti-monitor
It would be a perfect way to kill off a main character to raise tension, while also having other characters finally acknowledge that she was more than just some AI. Death by antimatter beam is an ugly way to go, but Mr. Timn isn't afraid to pull punches on us before.
  • Confirmed.

Aya will be brought Back from the Dead
Because Like You Would Really Do It.
  • Confirmed, see first WMG, though whether she's brought back the same is a different story.
  • Confirmed by the actual episode... and she's done a Face–Heel Turn as a result of Razer's words.

Aya will be brought back as a Star Sapphire
In the comics Star Sapphires can use love to revive the recently deceased. Aya will turn out to have partially transferred herself to the ship, or like the above theory Razer's ring. But she'll be in a corrupted state. The Star Sapphire's will end up sensing the power of their love, and be amazed that one who uses the power of rage, and an AI can have so much, and use it to bring her back, but this will switch Aya from using Green Lantern energy for her body, to using Star Sapphire energy.
  • Still possible, but it will have to be the more conventional Love Redeems.

Aya will be brought back from her Face–Heel Turn via The Power of Love
. There will be an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight between her and Razer, and he will admit that he lied when he said he didn't love her. After hearing this, Aya's emotions will reactivate and she will break away from the Anti-Monitor.
  • Confirmed, though not in the way you might expect. She ends up blasting Razer in the chest, and is immediately hit with guilt. With a little more convincing from Hal, she then devotes all her energy- literally -to saving Razer and setting things right.

Aya will get her emotions back
and then have a My God, What Have I Done? moment so big that "Cyberman Shout-out" would be the best way to describe it.

Aya has been corrupted
By antimatter. Her memory of being hurt by Razer hurt for sure, and misinterpreted the "bare essentials" part as she thought that emotions weren't essential. However, what she didn't realize was that sometimes courage is focusing outside the important emotions over others. The "corruption" part is that antimatter as her primary operating system has lead her to not see the will to overcome the problems of this life, but the "corruption" present in it. Her machine logic therefore is taking the Hal 9000 route to eliminate life as she sees it as she cannot account for the apparent contradiction. Thus, the only way to get her back on mode is to fill her back up with green lantern energy to reengage her reasoning to a more "human" degree.
  • Razer actually forwarded this theory in "Ranx", but it's never confirmed.

Aya is not herself
Similar to the above; just as Aya downloaded herself into a Manhunter body to preserve herself so did the Anti-Monitor download his programming into her to save himself. Except as a consciousness literally made of willpower that was supercharged, he could not completely usurp control of her body. He remains a subroutine in her processors, manipulating her motivations to his ends. She literally did exactly what he was doing after taking over, converting planets into anti-matter fuel. It's only due to the presence of Razer that her own feelings were stirred enough to break away from his plans.

The final episodes of the season will include references to Neon Genesis Evangelion
Razer will talk Aya down, explaining why he did what he did - about the Hedgehog's Dilemma. Briefly, humans (and other sentient species) naturally desire and seek companionship but are paradoxically also scared of letting anyone get too close to them, and tend to push people away subconsciously to preserve their own fragile egos from the 'harm' of getting emotionally involved. He will tell her that he's gotten close to a woman twice, and subsequently felt great pain when he lost her. He pushed Aya away the second time out of fear that he would lose her again, and that he couldn't take that pain again. But now he knows that real feelings, including pain, are how he knows he is truly alive and an individual, and that in sacrificing her emotions, Aya has rejected the humanity she once sought: the very thing that makes her truly sentient. His words will bring her back to her senses, and she will reactivate her emotions with a cry of "I want to be I!" With that, she will achieve her redemption, and rejoin the heroes.

Aya is a Time Lord
and when she was killed by the Anti Matter ray, she regenerated and her new form was of a Manhunter that we saw her in. She died again as she was killing the Anti Monitor and regenerated again. This is also why she is the only one who can pilot the ultrawarp drive on the ship.
  • Or the mind of a TARDIS. They are not very stable when constrained by 3D space.

Aya became a White Lantern.
It makes sense if you consider all the hints the show had been dropping for Blackest Night. In witnessing the birth of creation and gaining a full understanding of life, that is what she became and that would have played a big part in future storylines.

Regarding Aya's creation... (spoilers)
When the science director tells how Aya was created, and mentions that she was given life by taking a tiny fragment of the Green Lantern entity's life force and giving it to her. Fans of the comics would be quick to point out that the entity inside the central battery is known as Ion, the entity of will. However, this may not be whose life force was extracted. The Green Lanterns are weak to the yellow element in this series, and that's the way it was in the comics for the longest time until they found out that Parallax, the entity of fear, was living inside the central battery as well. Once they booted him out, that weakness was gone. Therefore, my WMG is this: Aya was made using a fragment of Parallax, not Ion.
  • Even without Parallax in the Central Power Battery green is still weak to yellow, just not to the point of being unable to even touch something yellow. Same way the Red Lanterns are weak to Blue. Hope cancels Rage except when overcome by strong enough rage. Fear overcomes Will except with strong enough Will. Rookies still can't touch yellow, Parallax or no Parallax.

     Razer WMGs 
Razer will get rid of his Red Lantern ring and become a Blue Lantern.
It won't happen until one of the last episodes of the season, but it will come in time to help defeat the Red Lantern invasion.
  • He'll use the oath Aya wrote him. Think about it: "Can lead your soul away from dread/and heal the deepest wounds of hate./Let no one else decide your fate." It's an oath of healing and hope. It has the added bonus of explaining why it couldn't recharge his red lantern ring: the blue light of hope shuts down the red light of hate so of course it can't recharge it.
    • Jossed for this season, but we'll see later on.
  • With the current arc there's a possibility he might end up converting into the first male Star Sapphire to help out Aya and resolve the unspoken issues between them. Plus he never did seem to be the seething type for a Red Lantern.
  • All but confirmed at the end of the second season. He doesn't become a Blue Lantern, but a blue ring follows him.

Razer's going to have to come to better terms with his apparent love for Aya
I predict that some of his care for Aya is genuine, but that part of the apparent Love that allowed him to save her might just be him remembering Ilana since he now sees her face every day. This is going to lead to some very interesting Pinocchio Syndrome moments, as it's too obvious an opportunity to readdress Aya's status as a living computer rather than an actual being. (This might also be an interesting time to ask the question whether Aya can ever be an official Green Lantern).
  • "Loss" deals with this. Then "Cold Fury" goes back on it. He'll get there eventually.

Razer will try to create a Good Counterpart splinter group of the Red Lantern group.
Under suggestion by Hal and Kilowog. Having other lantern groups as their ally will be quite useful, and the fact a Red Lantern's motives have a potential for good does give the potential for heroics(or at least lawful antiheroics.

Razer and Aya will get married and adopt a kid in the Grand Finale.

Razer left with the rest of the Red Lanterns after Zalius Zox took the Reds away.
He left with them to keep an eye on them. He knew that his inner rage was too great to just walk away from the power, so he decided to help keep an eye on Zox for the green lanterns. After all, Zox might get antsy and decide to attack anyway. The lanterns needed a friendly they could trust in that corps to keep those ring colors cordial and peaceful.
  • Jossed.

Bad things will happen if Razer gets back to Oa before Hal's team can contact him
There are a total of three people on that planet that Razer knows and he's quite likely to seek out Aya first for obvious reason. Unfortunately, the Guardians think, and are likely to tell him, that she was dissected and destroyed. After all, What Measure Is A Nonhuman? Razer probably won't take that well. After all, he's already lost one loved one and that was enough to raise his anger to Red Lantern recruiting levels. If he thinks that history has repeated itself, I doubt it'll be pleasant for anyone involved. I don't think that even an absolutely furious Razer would be enough to take on the entire population of Green Lanterns on Oa and the Guardians, but I can absolutely see him being willing to die trying. The only thing that could stop him from either pounding the population of Oa or being beaten up himself would be the arrival of the Interceptor so that Hal, Kilowag, and a still-living Aya could talk him down.
  • Nope. As it turns out, Hal, Kilowag and Aya reach Razer before he ever comes back to Oa, thankfully. Now, will Razer be too happy after Aya is blasted by the Anti-Monitor in "Loss"...?

Razer will use the new Red Lantern Oath that Aya made for him and it will work.
After "Blue Hope" we found the fuel of anger to be of a different path than he was on before. As he said, he felt righteous in his anger so maybe now the words of "Can lead your soul away from dread/and heal the deepest wounds of hate./Let no one else decide your fate" will have an effect because he did choose his own path now and believes it.

Razer wanted the Anti-Monitor to kill him
After Aya expires from her injuries, Razer makes no attempt to attack the Anti-Monitor, even though he beat a Manhunter to death after it fired at her, despite being surrounded by Red Lantern-nullifying blue energy. Conclusion: he was tired of living after his second love died.
  • Pretty much confirmed by his words in "Cold Fury", as well as his previous death-seeking tendencies.

Razer will sacrifice himself to save Anti-Monitor Aya
The Guardians or maybe Hal (or Carol) will come up with a successful way to terminate Anti-Monitor Aya and be forced to implement it, only to have Razer take the bullet, mirroring Ghia'ta's sacrifice in "Love is a Battlefield". This would make Aya realise that Razer actually loves her, possibly with a Tearjerking exchange as she is cradling him in her giant Anti-Monitor hand. Depending on how Bittersweet or Downer they want the ending to be, Aya could either simply deactivate (or go out with a bang) or use the whole of her power to resurrect him, and then possibly deactivate.

     Future crew of the Interceptor WMGs 

Ganthet will become more helpful with the crew.
He may join them as The Mentor. Or as a Spirit Advisor, he's not dead but he'll be involved in something offscreen.
  • As awesome as the theory is, it's likely not to be. Ganthet's VA passed away by the time "Regime Change" was in post. So they'd need to find The Other Ganthet pretty soon. However, I suppose there could be a background role, if the Blue lanterns show up. With a "Ganthet found the prototype and created more. He recruited us." kind of line.
  • Jossed. He's staying on Odym.

The core cast will get at least one new member, from another Lantern Corps.
Probably Carol (Star Sapphire) or Saint Walker (Blue Lantern). There are some kinks to work out with both (Carol obviously takes her job as head of Ferris Aircraft seriously, so something big would probably need to be up for her to go lanterning full-time, and Saint Walker's ability to supercharge Green Lanterns could easily turn into a Game-Breaker), but it would certainly be interesting to see. Alternately, they could add another GL- there's certainly enough, human and alien.
  • I would rather see Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner join the crew of the Interceptor.

     Villain WMGs (current and future) 

The Manhunters will resurface and take over as the Big Bads.
Something tells this troper that the way the Manhunters were brought up in the series was for more than just to detail the Red Lanterns' back story and show what an Old Shame they are for the Guardians. Perhaps they'll rise up to try stealing Oa's power, as they did in the DCAU, by taking advantage of the technicolor war.
  • They may be Big Bad Ensemble with the Red Lantern Corps.
  • Half-right. They're returning as minions of the Anti-Monitor.

Sinestro will appear in Season Two, and his fall from grace will be a major arc.
Because Word of God is that he's still a GL at this point, and we know that won't last. After all, he's Hal's Arch-Enemy and probably the franchise's most iconic Big Bad.
  • Confirmed, at least for the first half.

The Red Lanterns deliberately recruited Ragnar.
Razer and Atrocitus' (and Bleez's, in her origin is the same) backstories would indicate that the default Red Lantern is someone consumed by rage as a result of suffering a personal tragedy, as in the comics. Ragnar doesn't remotely fit that profile- but he is the younger brother of the ruler of a planet, who also happens to be a GL. Queen Aga'po could chose who to send rings to, so it's not unlikely that Atrocitus can do so as well. By recruiting Rangar, he gets to snap up a planet of two billion (per Ganthet) and use Iolande as bait to trap other G Ls. It all would have worked if not for the Blue Lantern...

Legion will appear as a Villain of the Week.
The cartoon also seems to feature lesser-known characters. It's only right to feature the first villain Hal Jordan ever fought in the comics (Post-Crisis). And it would be a perfect chance to re-use this character who was originally gonna be the main villain in the live-action movie.

The Anti-Monitor will use the Manhunters as his minions.
Season One foreshadowed the Manhunters pretty heavily, and interviews indicated that we'd be seeing them. In Sinestro Corps War, the Manhunters worked for the Cyborg, who worked for Anti-Monitor.
  • Confirmed.

General Zartok will return as an Orange Lantern.
He felt cheated when his Dragon was recruited to the Red Lantern cause.
  • Considering we know Agent Orange will show up, and Greed doesn't share, this seems unlikely.

Ilana will become a Black Lantern.
She died such an early, untimely death. It's not too unlikely that it could happen. It will, however, leave Razer even more of a Heartbroken Badass.
  • Doubtful, given that Aya borrowed her face and is usually partnered with Razer, forcing him to at least pretend to deal with his issues. Bringing Ilana back would cause a lot of overlap in terms of how they fit into the story.
  • As of "Invasion", Aya's been reprogrammed by Atrocitus to join the Red Lanterns, so we may get a storyline like this after all.
    • In "Homecoming", Aya's been released by Razer, and he's been confirmed to love her, so such a storyline will likely have a healthy dose of jealousy mixed in.

Zartok will become an Indigo Lantern
Now that we know that the Indigo tribes members are chosen for a completely lack of compassion, it seems that he would be a great candidate, and he's already used to using a staff. Plus he looks awfully similar to Munk, aside from the green cyclops thing.
  • Alternately, he'll be Sinestro Corps material.

Myglom would have become an Indigo Lantern

He also carries a staff, and being able to feel compassion would be good Karma for forcing his prisoners to relive their worst memories.

The Anti-Monitor will appear as the Big Bad in season 2.
Much like Imperiex in Legion of Super-Heroes, the Anti-Monitor will have an alternate backstory from his comics' counterpart. He'll be a creation of the renegade Oan/Maltusian Krona. Like in Justice League Adventures, he's a "celestial being composed of negative energy". Or perhaps Krona becomes the Anti-Monitor.
  • Confirmed. This is actually scarily accurate.
    • Which part?

We'll see Parallax at some point
Bonus points if Clancy Brown reprises his role.

We will get our first appearance of Sinestro in the second half of season 1's premiere
Come on! It's like an unspoken rule that the Arch-Enemy of all Green Lanterns eventually has to make an appearance in all animated appearances. I predict we'll get part of the season with Sinestro as a Green Lantern, and part of it with his famous foundation of the Sinestro Corps. (Bonus points for the Sinestro Corps War being an actual storyline, bringing up the violence clause Lanterns use to have)
  • Confirmed.

The Science Division Guardian will be another antagonistic guardian for half a season, and her presence will provide a handy foreshadowing for a future plot element.
The Guardians are not above producing evil or stuffy members. The most famous comic example being Karona. Appa Apsa and some of the others can be thoughtless at time towards others, but still have good intentions. Since Appa's gotten more tolerant after the red lantern invasion, we need a new antagonistic guardian to impede their journey going into this new arc, and given that the guardians have had bad experiences with robots in their past, this guardian couldn't see past that legacy. It might lead her to becoming an Inspector Javert going after her, and perhaps pave the way for explaining why the manhunters went bad. Perhaps they'll even make HER the person who created the emotions directive to show the danger the manhunters had.
  • Corollary: That's Scar, which would be a perfect way to lead into future plots.
    • Which includes retrieving Aya to be dissected.
    • And the Blackest Night storyline.
    • Confirmed to be Scar.

LANOS will return
And he will be trying to kill the crew of the Interceptor. He will have gained sentience from the emotional spectrum in the moments before his death and become a free roaming cyber-spirit like the Cyborg Superman. He will eventually be driven insane by his new awareness and death, leading to him swearing vengeance on life.
  • He does return in "Larfleeze", but in far more amusing circumstances.

Atrocitus actually feels guilty about killing Razer's wife.

There will be a Sinestro Corps story arc later in the series
Since Sinestro is in this series and the Sinestro Corps War saga from the comics is pretty popular, its easy to assume this.
  • Given the cancellation of the series, jossed.

Scar would have become the Big Bad of Season 3.
And also lead to the Blackest Night story arc.

     Other WMGs 
Saint Walker will become an Ascended Extra and a Recurring Character in the second half of season 1
Seeing as the blue lantern of hope has arisen far before the yellow lantern of fear that counterbalances it, and given that Saint Walker just helped save the green lanterns, this could be a great time for him to be offered a spot with team Interceptor, and with him as a power booster, it's a given that he might be a "must want" for the corps. However, Saint Walker, given the new responsibility as Corps leader, will politely decline. He will instead use the light of his lantern to seek out his founder, Ganthet (bringing up The Other Darrin simply because I think they'll keep his character around for later) in order to broaden the corps, and spread hope through the cosmos. However, he pledges that he will try and meet up with Jordan as often as he can spare, running into him when their paths cross, helping each other fight off cosmic threats.

The Season Finale will involve Black Lanterns.
It's something too vast to be used before a properly established mythology and enough character deaths is established. Who knows, if a sort of expanded universe adds other shows to this continuity, we may have a Crisis Crossover on our hands.
  • This seems more like something that would be saved for the Grand Finale of the entire series, though I think there are already at least two potential Black Lantern candidates (Shyir Rev and Ilana).
  • Now it looks like we'll be getting the Anti-Monitor in Season 2 (or the second half of Season 1, depending on who you ask). After he was defeated in Sinestro Corps War, his remains transformed into the Black Lantern central battery...
  • Scar's death and resurrection is what causes her to write the Book of the Black. Guess who the Anti-Monitor killed in 'Cold Fury'.
    • As of "Scarred", this seems more likely. She comes back with a scar, and there is even a Black Lantern symbol on her shelf, though this may be a Mythology Gag.

The Star Sapphires will become Razer/Aya Shippers
They have realized the truth about love, obviously support love, and can watch over any love in the universe. They also saw a heart-touching moment, with the person they thought unable to love again being in love with Aya. This may help them get over their prejudices, and thus ship it.
  • Ironic, considering the Star Sapphires disliked Aya in their debut episode.
  • I imagine it would go something like this.

Ragnar will become an Orange Lantern.
Because he's motivated by greed for power and the throne to his homeworld.
  • ... I don't think Larfleeze would like that very much. Unless you mean that he'll get eaten and turned into one of Larfleeze's construct minions.

Carol will become Star Sapphire again, and she and Hal will be a Battle Couple.
  • Considering that the Star Sapphires have reformed, and Carol is probably most famous from the comics for being a Star Sapphire, I'd say this is distinctly likely.
    • Take it a step further: Maybe next season, they'll do the Death of Queen Agapo storyline, leading up to Carol becoming head of the Star Sapphires. It will tear her apart, particularly since she never asked to become a queen, and she has to decide what to do with Ferris Air.
  • As of now, Carol has fired Hal and broke up with him. But this could still happen, as she'll start missing him. If she hears of Hal's "disappearance" by the Anti-Monitor, she might become Star Sapphire again to search for him.
  • The newest teaser trailer reveals that she does take up the role of Star Sapphire again at some point, so depending on whether she and Hal reconcile this is certainly likely.
    • Semi-confirmed: she appears in "Love is a Battlefield" and keeps the ring. She returns home, but may see Hal in space some time, suggesting they might get back together. The Grand Finale might show Hal back on Earth, hugging and kissing Carol. It'd be both heartwarming and awesome if they're in their costumes and in the sky during a sunset.

The show will add one Green Lantern per Story Arc
  • We started with Hal, the first of the "Modern" Lanterns.
    • In the upcoming Story Arc, we get Guy Gardner, and we will see how those two mess off each other. Guy's cockiness, and lack of construct variety will be supplemented with his outright fearlessness, and we'll see how Hot-Blooded Hal isn't in comparison. Further, Guy might end up being essential to the fight against Anti-monitor: as the main assault/distraction.
    • Next season (if there is a next season), we'll get John Stewart as the serious military man that Hal never really was, along with a taste of the creativity (aka detail) that a green lantern ring can have. They'll even be a shout out to Aya's warp drive problem from season 1. Aya will scan one of John's constructs, and conclude they should have brought him along on their first mission, as he's detailed enough to pull off making that part she needed.
    • Finally, if they get beyond that, we will finally introduce Kyle Rayner. This will lead to a shout-out to the Hal-Kyle Fandom Rivalry, in that somehow, those two are gonna take an instant dislike to each other. However, as a Take That! to the fans who do bring this up, over the season, they will grow to be incredibly close. Perhaps even closer that Hal is with Kilowog right now. Further, as The Artist, Kyle will be nice for showing the creativity one can have with a green lantern ring. Not to the detail of John, but through clever application.
      • He might be a Supporting Protagonist. Which will help set him up as the main hero for awhile if they do a story arc where Hal becomes possessed by Parallax, and Kyle tries to save him while stopping him for taking over/destroying/remaking the universe.
  • If they hadn't canceled the show, this would be pretty likely.
  • Heck, by recent tweets there's a chance that Milagro Reyes could have become a GL in a future episode.

Sinestro will appear
The reason they were not allowed to use him was because of plans for a trilogy of the Green Lantern films. Since we all know how well the first one did, we can safely say that Sinestro will soon be free to be used.
  • Confirmed.

The Zamarons will appear.
We've only seen the Star Sapphires so far. They might not be happy with their Corps' Heel–Face Turn and try to brainwash them back to their misguided cause. The Zamarons might also try to convert the female Guardians (or at least Sayd) into their group.
  • The queen of the Star Sapphires pretty explicitly identified herself as a female of the Guardians' species, AKA a Zamaron.

Zartok will become part of the Sinestro Corps.
He values loyalty over honor, something he shares in common with First Flight Sinestro and co. He goes after the weak and would like nothing more than to cause chaos in the universe. If Sinestro comes along, Zartok is the first choice for his right-hand man.

Lobo will appear
He could either be someone the R Ls tried to recruit but somehow didn't (Maybe he killed one and kept the ring as a trophy unaware of the powers) or Guy Gardner's rival. Maybe his second appearance could be him and his admiration for Space Dolphins. As long as he's voiced by Brad Garret it will be all good.

Aya and Razer will have to actually deal with the fact that she looks like Alana.
Because really, squick.
  • Razer does bring this up in "Cold Fury".

Most of the second part of Season 1 will be...
A shout out to Sliders/Quantum Leap. After Hal was seemingly killed by the Anti-monitor he will appear in a series of alternate universes throughout the multiverse, either racing each time to find the portal to the next universe or fixing the wrong in each universe to gain access to the next one. This will take up a few episodes, and each time he transports to a different universe building up more antimatter in him and making him the only one that can fight the Anti-monitor and not be killed by his antimatter composition.

  • The universes he might appear in are:
    • Earth-C, the home of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew.
    • Earth-3. He'll be confused with Power Ring (Harrold), similar to the Superfriends episode "Universe of Evil".
    • An alternate future in which a "Great Disaster" has befallen.
    • A universe where Batman becomes the Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan. Based on the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight. If we're lucky, we might get Kevin Conroy to voice Batman.
    • The "Super-Deformed'' universe. Though it might only appear as a Cold Opening.
    • Earth-14, where it looks exactly like his Earth, but noticed an unfamiliar species of butterfly. Also used as a Cold Opening.
    • Earth-6, the home of Lady Quark.
    • Earth-12, the home of the Inferior Five.
      • Animated Earth-12 AKA The DCAU, Specifically during "The Once and Future Thing"
    • Another alternate future similar to Metropolis, and home of Mekaniquenote .
    • The Steam Punk one obviously. Maybe we'll even get a reference to Hal's time as Parallax in one.

  • Needless to say, jossed. He made it back in one episode.

In this universe, Hal is an only child
When he comes home the only person he is concerned with seeing is Carol. The man telling Carol over the phone they never found Hal mentions it as her search and doesn't mention anyone else looking for him. This leads me to believe Hal never had siblings in this series and both his parents are dead.

The series finale will be a Earn Your Happy Ending ending.

Steam Lantern's universe is the equivalent of Earth-2
Steam Lantern refers to a Green Lantern in a red shirt and a cape, who is obviously Alan Scott, but Hal's never heard of him. Between this and the difficulty in opening a rift between the universes, it seems logical that Alan is from this universe originally, reflecting the Earth-1/Earth-2 divide between Hal and Alan in pre-Crisis and post-Flashpoint comics.