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Trivia: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Ascended Fanon: A fair amount, given Giancarlo's active participation in the fandom. Big ones include Razer's hair color and Drusa's sexuality.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Razer is a Sad Rage Zebra Bunny
    • Saint Walker is Saint Flawless.
    • Hal is also called Papa Hal.
    • Kilowog's known as Kilodad. The name, like Hal's, comes from their protective parental stance towards Aya.
      • Kilowog's hugs are known as Kilohugs.
    • Mogo is the GL Death Star as coined by the creators.
    • The Fandom itself is called the Green Fanterns, usually shortened to just Fanterns.
  • Internet Counterattack: 10 hours before it was supposed to air, DC Nation was mysteriously pulled from Cartoon Network's schedule and replaced with HTTYD: Riders of Berk and Johnny Test with no warning at all. Word got out and angry Young Justice and Green Lantern The Animated Series fans began to rage on various forums and sites alongside one of the guys who worked on Green Lantern (and who had just done a USA Today interview talking about the show) and a newcomer whose very first short, Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, was supposed to premiere the same day. In attempt to do damage control, Cartoon Network posted that DC Nation would be back in the January of next year... which didn't really improve matters due to the fact that the block had just come out of hiatus TWO WEEKS prior to this. As of October 14th, a petition has been made in an attempt to get the block back sooner and fans have begun to boycott the channel.
    • The producers are in on it too. They remind the fans to keep upping the number of required signatures of the petition and Giancarlo Volpe has taken to tweeting fake episodes on his twitter account every Saturday during the shows old time slot to help ease the tension.
  • Name's the Same: In "Ranx", when informed by Guy Gardner that John Stewart is Earth's newest Green Lantern, Hal assumes he's referring to "the fake news guy".
  • One of Us: The creators interact with and occasionally egg on the fandom. Several are on Tumblr and make their own contributions to the fandom, such as memes and the aforementioned GL Death Star nickname.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Josh Keaton, who usually plays the Kid Hero, voices an adult Hal Jordan who also acts as a parental figure to Aya.
      • Big time with the Manhunters.
    • Kurtwood Smith plays a kind, compassionate father figure instead of a villain.
    • Phil Morris is known for his distinct, deep voice, but uses his higher register as Saint Walker.
    • The intelligent, withdrawn Razer is voiced by Jason Spisak, also known as Kid Flash. For bonus points, their metabolisms are the complete opposite.
      • To really hear the contrast, here's Jason Spisak reading a fan comic where Razer and Wally discuss their respective series finales (i.e. spoiler alert).
    • Ian Abercrombie as Ganthet, who is the complete opposite of Palpatine.
    • Tom Kenny as the Anti-Monitor.
  • Playing with Character Type: At first, Ragnar seems no different than Will Friedle's usual roles, even coming off as something of an alien Lion-O. But then Ragnar's true colors are revealed...
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Screwed by the Network: Unlike Young Justice, which was screwed even worse, it got to finish the first half of its season without interruption despite getting shifted from Friday afternoons to Saturday mornings. Then it was hit with the three-month break of the DC Nation block, and won't be getting another season (and neither will Young Justice) in order to make room for new DC Nation shows.
    • Even worse, how long a cartoon lasts on a network is based on how well its toys sell. GLTAS didn't actually have many toys at all to begin with because the WB, who still holds licensing on DC related cartoons, and retailers looked at the poor sales from the Green Lantern live action movie toys and refused to make any for the show under the assumption they wouldn't sell. Can we say "Screwed from the get go?"
  • What Could Have Been: Due to the series' untimely cancellation, we will never be able to see the Sinestro Corps or the Black Lantern Corps, despite nods to the potential of both being included in future seasons.
    • What happened to the Green Lantern ring Byth Rok had swiped from Kilowog was supposed to be covered in the second season. Also the finale scene of the series shows a Blue Lantern ring following Razer into the depths of space implying he would have potentially belonged to a different Core come his next appearance.
    • He would have.
    • Jason Spisak actually put up a recording on youtube with Razer's voice saying the Blue Lantern oath.

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