Heartwarming / Green Lantern: The Animated Series

  • In "Beware My Power, Part 2," Shyir Rev reuniting with his family, with whom he's implied to have been away from for some time.
  • In "Razer's Edge" when Razer kisses his wife, Ilana, on the forehead and promises that he will protect her. It's the closest thing we get to Razer looking truly happy and loving for quite some time.
    • When Aya comes to save Razer from his replaying Nightmare Sequence torture, he reveals he knew it was fake all along. He was willing to take the torture, because it meant he got to see his lost love again.
  • In "Heir Apparent," Kothak was portrayed as an arrogant General Ripper who wanted to consolidate power for himself, thinking the Queen unworthy. In the end, he stood with the queen when a coup was launched, revealing that he had the planet's best interests in his mind, and he bows to her when she proves herself.
  • Upon seeing how distressed and angry Razer got when he had to recite the Red Lantern oath, Aya took it upon herself to create a new one for him in "Fear Itself."
    "The power of the crimson red,
    can lead your soul away from dread,
    and heal the deepest wounds of hate,
    let no one else decide your fate."
    • It didn't work, unfortunately, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Kilowog and Teela. Big guy, little kid, almost annoying levels of cute.
    • The floating jellyfish alien taking away Teela's spear, removing the yellow crystal that was causing her paranoia, then giving back the safe pieces and patting her on the head.
      • Later followed by her riding atop said alien like a pony.
  • Carol comes to her senses after being Brainwashed and Crazy thanks to Hal invoking their mutual love. Even more, she admits that this is way over her head, but that she understands that Hal's doing important work, and can't wait for him to come home.
  • The end of "In Love and War", when a reformed Ghia'ta is confronted by Queen Aga'po and her troops.
    Aga'po: I am disappointed in you, Ghia'ta. You have much to learn.
    Ghia'ta: No, my queen. I have much to teach.
    • Come the season finale, she's successfully reformed the Star Sapphires.
  • Kilowog hugging Aya in the end of "Invasion".
  • The Star Sapphires can create portals which lead the user to the one they love. When used by Razer, it sends him straight to Aya.
  • Despite their rough start, Hal and Guy bond over their work in the line of duty, and mutual understanding on how being a Green Lantern makes having a personal life much more difficult.
  • In "Reboot":
    • After kicking his ass, Ch'p agrees to help Hal retrieve Aya.
    • Even though he was just buying time for Ch'p, Hal's conversation with the unloved Green Lantern Chaselon was pretty sweet.
    • Aya's first question after barely avoiding dissection is: "Where's Razer?" Her quiet disappointment at his absence is heartbreaking.
  • Kilowog's utter refusal to accept Hal's death in "Steam Lantern" is touching in its own way, especially with the praise he doles out to justify his view.
    • Lady Katherine saying that she still loves Gil even if he didn't actually save the world despite his efforts.
    • Steam Lantern forgiving Nigel, and asking him to join them for one more Spot of Tea before their world ends.
    • Hal insisting that nobody is going to die on his watch: "ENOUGH with the stiff-upper-lippery!"
  • In "Blue Hope", Aya truly reciprocating Razer's feelings for her. Followed shortly by Razer confirming that she has a soul, and a far better one than he could claim to have.
    • The oath of the Blue Lanterns is heartwarming itself.
    • The claim of Ganthet that there will always be hope, even if the Blue Lantern battery is unlit.
    • Saint Walker proving that the thing trying to "attack" Razer was just seeking to play with him by throwing the worm a ball and seeing it run after it.
  • In "Loss", Razer finally moving on, acknowledging his past, and starting his new relationship with Aya. Making it even more heartbreaking when she dies by the end of the episode.
  • The fact that Kilowog, of all people, is the one who manages to calm Razer down in the wake of Aya's death.
  • Zilius Zox wishing godspeed (or the alien equivalent) to the Interceptor crew.
  • Razer finally admits he cares.
  • There's a subtle one in "Babel", where Kilowog throws Razer the Manhunter head so that he can recharge with it, implying that he now thinks of Razer as one of the Green Lanterns.
  • Razer and Hal ultrawarp to get back to Oa so they can find Aya. Kilowog points out that they cannot do the calculations as well as Aya, and if they get it wrong, they'll end up vaporized. They go ahead anyway, and barely escape the atmosphere of a star. When Hal is trapped on Zamaron with Atrocitus, Kilowog immediately gets on board with the idea to ultrawarp to Zamaron.
    • Hal and Carol watching each other's backs in the fight with Atrocitus.
    • Razer still has faith that Aya is just malfunctioning and can be repaired, as does Hal.
    • Even after everything she's said and done Aya still stopped and hesitated to kill the Zamarons in Razer's presence, instead opting to leave and think out a different method that didn't involve killing him face-to-face. It shows that somewhere, deep down inside, Aya still cares about him.
  • Kilowog: Warrior Therapist. Yes, you read that right.
    • "I was a monster, and you rescued me."note 
    • When Hal is fighting off the Orange Lantern's influence.
      Hal: I have a mission... can't let this battery interfere... can't turn my back on friends... can't leave the job undone.
  • So many in the finale, specifically the final scene in the series with Razer flying off into space in search of Aya and a Blue Lantern ring following right behind.
    • Tomar-Re reassuring Hal that what Aya has done is not his fault when he catches him looking at all the star systems she destroyed.
    • Razer referring to Kilowog as "my friend", followed by Kilowog hugging Razer as they go their separate ways.
    • Razer explaining how he could never kill Aya. Red Lantern constructs are powered by hate, and there could never be any hate in his heart for her, only love.
    Aya: You will be all right, Razer. You must be all right.
    Razer: I will be... Now that you have come back to me.
    Aya: I was a threat to everything. To all life. In that one moment, you could have struck me down. Why didn't you?
    Razer: How could I kill you? My red energy constructs are powered by hate, and there is no hate in my heart for you, Aya. Only love.
    • Aya and Razer's last words to each other are both sad and heartwarming.
    Razer: Please, Aya, don't do this; don't leave me alone.
    Aya: You will never be alone. You have a family now. And somehow, I will be with you too, watching over you. Always.
    Razer: I don't understand.
    Aya: I do not either. It is just a feeling.
    • Razer and Hal at the end.
    Hal: You get in any trouble out there, find yourself in a jam, you don't hesitate to call us. Because we will high-tail it out there and —
    Razer: Save me. I know, Hal. You already have.
  • Meta: Jason Spisak as Razer, doing the Blue Lantern Oath.
  • Meta: Giancarlo Volpe thanks fans for their support.