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Eveyone who had their fate averted in the main timeline of the game have repressed memories.
  • We know that Missile, Jowd, Yomiel and Sissel keep their memories of all the events of Ghost Trick... It seems that no one else has memories of the game, but when Kamila introduces Sissel to Lynne in the new timeline Lynne says Sissel's name sounds oddly familiar. She wouldn't know about Yomiel's fiancée as she avoided anything to do with the park due to the trauma of it, meaning she must have deep buried memories of the original timeline.
    • Jossed for Lynne. However, her 'we meet again' line has two meanings. The first one, little Lynne who only got to see Sissel in the new timeline and met him again after 10 years. The other meaning is the possibility of Lynne's memories being an exception, allowing her to remember Sissel.
  • Sissel was killed and his memories were his entrance fee. The "figure it out before dawn" thing is the time limit and he'll be erased if he fails. Partner's are living people rather than other Players. His time manipulation thing is a basic psych akin to the Scanning Psych and he's using a variation of psychokinesis to manipulate the Real Ground.
    • And the fact that he gets a single night is analogous to the Realground's needlessly quick three-day trial limit.
      • Or Dahlia Hawthorne is the Composer.
      • And the presence of a partner, i.e. the Lamp...
    • SOOPAH OBJECTION! The desk lamp guy lied about the time limit, so there goes the "figure it out before dawn" thing. There is absolutely no real goal because Sissel wants to figure out who he was. Lynne is the key to figuring it out and Ray is a Justified Tutorial, so the "partner" thing is just... what. Also, besides retrying (which Yomiel obviously didn't do), how do you play the Reaper's Game for ten years? And the entry fee? Just a coincidence because dead people lose their memories and some of them *coughsisselcough* don't get 'em back. I know this is WMG, but please just play the game before thinking of theories to put here.

It actually is possible to prevent your own death
  • Okay, one of the first things Sissel tries to do upon waking up dead is reach out to his corpse to go back in time and prevent his own death. He's unable to do so, and Ray tells him the dead can't time-travel back to prevent their own deaths. But not only did that corpse not turn out to be his, it turns out it wasn't fully dead to begin with, actively regenerating damage. Other than that, no known attempt at someone resurrecting themselves has been made. Sissel and Missile were the only two who could do so, and the former didn't have access to his body while the latter simply seems to have never attempted it. And Ray's credibility is up for debate anyway since one thing he told you was a flat-out lie ("You will disappear at dawn") and another two turned out to be simply not true ("The dead can't manipulate the living" and "You can only travel back to save someone who recently died"). Given what we later learn, it's possible Ray's actually tried this and learned the hard way it can't be done... or he could simply be lying/making things up again.
    • Actually, Sissel's body was on the scene the entire time, but Sissel never saw its core. This still seems to indicate that you can't stop your own death.
      • Sissel didn't see Kamelia's core when she was in the red box, so perhaps core won't appear if you can't see the body. This may be why Sissel didn't see its own core.
      • His body was not on the scene the entire time. Yomiel leaves in Sissel's body right away. And he can't go back and prevent Yomiel's death because the Temsik shard in Yomiel's body means he's technically still alive.
      • Actually, Yomiel doesn't leave in Sissel's body until the first assassin is taken care of. Yomiel's body is still up top during the confrontation, and it is shown that Yomiel later knocks his body down to the lower level when coming out of his bag as Yomiel. That means Sissel should have seen his own core during the first chapter.
      • It could be possible that core for Sissel's body was behind the core for Yomiel's body. In addition, it was proven later that two ghosts can't inhabit the same core, and Yomiel was already in Sissel's body at the time.
    • I think that if you could rewind time on your own body, the first thing Missile-Prime would have done when he was dead would be to revive himself and attack Tengo over and over until he got him, rather than flee the scene.

When all's said and done, Sissel can still talk to everyone in their heads. This is a bit weird.
Does everybody still have orange cores from being saved from death, or would red-guy be the only one (his death being the last one to be reverted)? Sissel can still use Ghost World skills (apparently) at the end and at the very least the Crack Team who went back to 10 years ago will all remember the fragment incident, so he should still be able to talk to them.
  • Maybe this'll set up a new sequel?
  • When you look closely in the ending when Lynne's holding up Sissel, I'm pretty sure Lynne doesn't have a core anymore.
  • Then again, nothing except Sissel has a core in that scene.
  • Yomiel and Jowd may still remember the incident, since they traveled 10 years back in time. Jowd gave the kitten his name and Yomiel gave his thanks to him, after drawing a picture of Sissel. Maybe missile has still the memories of their adventure?
    • I'm pretty confident it said explicitly that everyone who was present in the Ghost World when they were undoing Yomiel's initial death would remember what happened. When you factor in Jowd it gets sort of weird and confusing. Yomiel's and Sissel's life would be completely different, and Missile wouldn't even be born for another 8 years or so, but Jowd would live the next decade remembering every step of the way up until the point where his wife DIES which has certainly gotta be odd for the guy. But, I'm pretty sure Yomiel, Sissel, Missile and Jowd are all aware of everything that occurred across the three main timelines the game touches upon.

Sissel can still talk to Kamila, Jowd, etc.
The sequel will have them helping him avert fates as various partners. Missile will somehow be re-Temsikified, Kamila can help set up machines, Jowd, Cabanela and Lynne take him with them to work, and Yomiel returns with programming skills and hacking, barring another Temsik.

The main villain of Ghost Trick 2 will be a crow.
Specifically, Sissel will hunt and kill a crow. As a result, the crow becomes Temsikified and then go on a murderous rampage.
  • More sensibly, a person could die next to Sissel too.

The Pigeon is also a Temsik Immortal.
The Temisk meteor broke into many pieces, after all. That day in the park, it got hit too. For some reason, it's able to block ghosts from seeing the radiation.
  • Proof: During the bomb, it's pointed out that Yomiel stood right in the open and didn't even get knocked back. Detective Cabanela gets knocked back and breaks a lot of bones. The Pigeon was right on top of the target's head; sure it flew up, but it was still closer to it than the other two were. And in the bad future after the explosion kills its target, the pigeon is just fine.

Phoenix didn't try to find the truth and reclaim his badge because Sissel was making it hard to find work anyway.
Obviously. I mean, how many people did Sissel un-kill in one night? If we assumed Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick took place near each other and the only major crimes that seem to take place there are murder and costumed burglary, what's a defense attorney to do when people suddenly stop dying in such numbers?
  • Take up civic cases?
    • Hey, there's kidnapping as of Ace Attorney Investigations. Blackmail, too.

Yomiel's life was lonely even before Temsik happened.
Think about it. As far as it can be determined, his fiancee Sissel was the only person he had in his life. There are no mentions of any other friends or family, and given how desperate he becomes to no longer be alone, it can probably be safely said that if Yomiel had them he would have tried to get in contact with them. It is logical to assume, therefore, that he didn't have them. So Temsik may not have created a problem so much as worsened an already existing one.
  • He was pronounced dead in an event that made huge local news by the time. Perhaps he knew showing up in front of his friends after being declared dead in such a famous case would be a sure way to attract the cop's attention.
  • Perhaps at first, yes. But when he's going mad from isolation and desperate for any human contact? And he's been declared innocent? Unless they were dead or something, I don't see why he wouldn't be that desperate
  • If they knew he was alive, his family and friends would probably avoid him, since, y'know, he held a little girl at gunpoint.

Kenny's repeated deaths are/were the result of him being stalked by a Temsik-influenced spirit.

The foreigners are from Borginia
The blue skin is simply stylistic exaggeration.

The foreigners are Aliens!
They are blue skinned, having advanced and weird technologies. They specifically came to Earth, disguised as foreigners to take the purely awesome power from Temsik meteorite.
  • Or retrieve it. It came from space, so it's possible that the Fragment contains powers that are theirs, and they don't wanna share them with humans. Or dogs.

Lynne either will keep her memory or will eventually realize what awesome powers Kamilla's kitty has
. She will take Sissel to every single of her homicide-related jobs from then on and the town's rate of sucessful murder attempts will shrink by at least 80% for mysterious reasons.

Sissel is a girl in Japan.
Think of the plottwist in the end. We know that "Sissel" is a feminine name, even in this universe. We also know how damn hard it is to tell a male and a female cat apart on first glance. Also, Sissel only looked like a man because he believed himself/herself to be Yomiel. Add the finishing touch that in the japanese version, Yomiel never refers to Sissel with any gender specific pronoun or the like and that Sissel uses "Watashi" for "I", which is absolutely gender neutral and that his true form's sprites look just plain adorable... We might have a female protagonist on hands here after all, people.

Detective Jowd was the defendant in Gregory Edgeworth's final case
Ghost Trick is confirmed to take place in the Ace Attorney universe. However the time period is not given, which creates the possibility that Jowd could have been defended by Edgeworth Snr. Given the sparse amount of evidence, this could have lead the prosecutor Von Karma to create false evidence Which was revealed by Edgeworth Snr leading to Von Karma receiving a penalty, ruining his perfect record and leading to Gregory Edgeworth's death despite this due to Detective Jowd's confession he was found guilty.
  • Wouldn't that mean that DL-6 (and with it, most of Ace Attorney 's plot) was erased in the end of Ghost Trick?
  • Baring in spite of a nail triggering a case similar to the original DL-6 then yes the plot of Ace Attorney would be quite extensively altered. Miles Edgeworth would likely be a defense attorney and Phoenix Wright might not necessarily have become a lawyer at all. Or if he had, he might have become a prosecutor, reversing pair's respective roles.

Ghost Trick and 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors co-exist in the same universe
This is almost begging for a crossover considering how Layton and Phoenix Wright got it together.

In the epilogue, Yomiel has prosthetic legs.
Despite Ghost Trick running at least partially on Rule of Cool, it seems a little farfetched that his legs would survive being crushed by a heavy concrete monument. The universe probably does have the technology necessary for fully functioning prosthetic limbs, and if they resembled automail then it would still fit the coolness factor, as well as bringing that surrogate body that Yomiel made out of objects when they were in the submarine to mind.

The cause of all of this was that Yomiel accidentally summoned Temsik.
Okay, he was a genius programmer working on "multi-dimensional programming." That sounds like something that could become Sufficiently Advanced. So this started getting data in and out of time and space and other dimensions; messing with cause and effect, and creating this big chunk of fate that just materialized and landed on him. It took redirecting that Fate against itself to move its target.
  • Multi-dimensional programming that summons meteors from another world? Sounds like a Homestuck tie-in.

Sissel kills Beauty and Dandy in the new timeline.
He remembers them, and when they take a job robbing a place tied with his family; he changes the "grams" on the safe-cracker recipe with "kilograms". He's not adverse to killing, after all.
  • It requires him to be able to read though, unless he had help.

If there is a sequel, that poor little blue rat will turn into an empowered ghost.
After all, we already know from Missile and Sissel that animals can manage it. And with how often that little dude recurred throughout the game, he deserves an expanded role.
  • Plus, Sissel now has a Temsik fragment in him so if a rat died near him,or at his paws it could receive powers!

Right after the final scene, Yomiel and our Sissel are reunited.
They clearly remember each other, and it would be the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming to end all Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.

The Assassins are robots.
Who self-destruct when they die, hence nobody ever finding their bodies. Yes, these robots are near sighted and afraid of light. They're created by the same people who made a giant robot who types things onto a console and then hits the console to make it work.
  • Sith mentions a possible cut in Jeego's salary. Why would a robot have to be paid? You could just have him do whatever you want for free. I think only the masked big guy is the robot in the blue people organization ó it was especifically created to kill Jowd in the sinking control room. Now, this raises the obvious question: why didn't Sith make Jeego and Tengo robots if he could do it with the big guy? Budget limitations?

Regina Berry is Emma's "Darling Angel" from an averted timeline
After her real father died she ran away from home and Russel Berry took her in, like Acro and Bat. She was the first one he adopted, (and the only one he legally took in) so she's the only one with his family name. The similarities are eerie, really: the hairstyle, Spoiled Sweet disposition, they're both rather sheltered and a bit ditzy.

  • But, if you mean "averted timeline", wouldn't the Justice Minister be alive? Or do you mean the original timeline, where Sissel doesn't save anyone? Then again, if you think about it, if Sissel didn't save anyone, the Justice Minister would still be alive.
    • Sorry, I wasn't very clear; by "averted timeline" I meant the fate that was averted; in other words, the minister died that night and, after discovering that, she ran off. I'm working under the assumption that every aversion creates a new branch/timeline, though. ...I just confused myself.

Each time Sissel goes back in time, he is actually going to an Alternate Universe; not the past.
When going back in time, wouldn't the events that Sissel caused to occur before happen again? This also explains why some times Sissel can go back in time to a certain time when he has changed a fate. Thinking logically, what Sissel changes should have always been changed even before he went back to change it. It's like in Ocarina of Time when that guy teaches you that song. You then go back in time and teach the song to the man so that he can, in the future teach it to you so that you can teach it to him ect. Basically despite the fact that you hadn't done it yet you had technically still gone back and done it in the past meaning that it happened. This is the same thing in Ghost Trick. Surely the fate changes should have always existed in the concept if time. The alternate universe theory makes a lot of sense of this!
  • Except, after the Justice Minister and the Guardian of the Park are saved, Lynne is able to remember his death in the new timeline even though she did not travel with Sissel to revive them. Were this an alternate universe, Lynne would have no way of knowing that they'd ever died. This suggests that time does in fact change and that there are no alternate universes involved.

"Nearsighted" Jeego and "One Step Ahead" Tengo are the same person.
They're extremely similar in appearance and manner, the only differences being their guns and the fact that Tengo wears glasses. Jeego had no answer when Lynne asked why he doesn't wear glasses, so it could be that he doesn't actually have a reason to not increase his accuracy at longer distances outside of his "Nearsighted" persona. When an infiltration or sniper mission was required, he could become the more covert-sounding "One Step Ahead", and all he would have to do was don his spectacles and equip a more appropriate weapon.
  • Further, Jeego's highly cartoonish death compared to every other death in the game implies that it was staged. It's possible that Tengo allowed his "Nearsighted" persona to be "killed off" because of his obsession with moving up in the ranks. Sith suggested augmenting Tengo's salary with the late Jeego's, so Tengo had nothing to lose by culling his second identity. Jeego seemed to be expecting his "death" with his comments about the wrecking ball, almost like he was inviting Sissel to crush him.
  • Why would he pretend to be two people in the first place? It's unnecessary, convoluted trouble.

Ghost Trick takes place some time before Ace Attorney.
Cell phones are fairly common in Ace Attorney, but nobody seems to own one in Ghost Trick. Sure, you can chalk this up to just being for the convenience of gameplay, but it'd make sense that everybody was using rotary-style landline phones. This could lead to some nice connections between the two series.
  • Missile could actually be Missile. They have the same name, they're the same breed, they're both related to the police department... He grows up, becomes a sniffer dog and Gumshoe is his favourite handler.
    • Incorrect. Gumshoe's Missile is an Akita.
  • Yomiel could be Glen Elg's mentor. They'd both prodigious programmers.
  • Jowd, Cabanella & Lynne could all be detectives at Gumshoe's precinct, or another in the same city. They could even appear in a future AA game. Perhaps Gant somehow wronged them and they have to solve another case they never could because of him. That would be AWESOME.
    • Sissel could pop along too - cats are capricious enough that he might decide another few days of crime-solving would be fun, especially if one of the above WMGs about still being able to talk to Jowd and explain going AWOL are accurate. Ghost Tricks would come in handy for finding evidence, and as for talking with people, well, Maya's a medium who already lets other souls in. Maybe she wouldn't taken on his appearance completely, but if the kitten was safely in her lap she might suddenly sprout his ears when he hops aboard to borrow her larynx.
  • A prequel to Ace Attorney makes sense considering, apart from the obvious lack of mobile phones, no one had been executed in a long time (in that country anyway) and we know in Ace Attorney that the death penalty is still in (active) effect.

Detective Jowd now has the same kind of body that Yomiel had.
In the final timeline, he and Sissel were hit by fragments of Temsik. We later get a throwaway line about how 10 years have passed and yet the latter is still a kitten. Assuming that he didn't die, that means that what happened to Yomiel's body can happen without death. If he never had the fragments removed (as is common with uninfected projectiles that would cause more damage by removing), then it is quite possible that Jowd is now the immortal detective of the force!
  • Actually, I'm pretty sure the fragment did kill Sissel. It's just that since it, you know, killed him, it put him in exactly the same state as Yomiel was during the game timeline. Hence why mini-Lynne was talking about how he wasn't moving; he just hadn't woken up yet. Though if they didn't remove the shard from Jowd's knee, the same thing is probably going to happen if something does manage to kill him, I don't think it's happened yet.
    • I was under the impression that the fragment went through Jowd's knee and hit Sissel. After all, you only change the path of one fragment, and Sissel wasn't hit by it in the original course of events.

Memry died at the diner in the Alpha Timeline
Remember, the only reason why the van crashed and (indirectly) killed Lynne in the first place was because the detective driving it got knocked unconscious by the bug Memry planted after the detective spotted Lynne at the diner. If you hadn't stopped Lynne from dying, she'd never have shown up, and the accident never would have happened... except the reason why she went there is because she found the note Yomiel was carrying. If she hadn't shown up, Yomiel would have, and remember that Yomiel was the whole reason why Memry and the detective were stationed. While the game never says it outright, or even implies it, it's reasonable to assume the scene would have played out much the same as it did before, only without Lynne around to save Memry from the initial crash.
  • Most likely jossed. Reason is because of Lynne but not in your reasoning or train of thought. It was because Lynne was there, Detective Ridge went for the Chicken Kitchen restaurant to confront her as ordered by Inspector Cabanela. If Lynne was not there, Detective Ridge would not have a reason to go to the Chicken Kitchen and would dismiss Memry's suspicions on Beauty and Dandy due to the fact that Memry is an Odd Girl anyway and he could just stay at his lookout spot and listen from there and if he was knocked out, Detective Ridge would just stay out cold on that spot and then Beauty and Dandy would most likely leave the area.

Cabanela doesn't walk down the stairs...
He "dancingly descends" down them. I don't really have any evidence or conjecture (baseless or otherwise) to back this theory. It's just too good an opportunity to pass up.
  • Actually, he literally does "dancingly descend" down them. It's shown in the first cutscene he appears in, right after he's gotten off his bike and thrown his umbrella aside. It's even parodied at the end, when the blue detective is practicing his imitation of this particular quirk in the hopes that imitation of Cabanela will result in equal ability.
  • Going off this, maybe he's an alternate universe version of Fieyero from the musical. Dancing through life and all that.
  • Inspector Cabanela does walk. Just not normally. He dances or walks with groove and that's what makes him memorable.

Yomiel will be the main character- if a Ghost Trick sequel is ever made...
But he'll be going by the code name Sissel, to avoid spoiling the first game... at least until the last few chapters, where the events of the first game suddenly become relevant, and you'll have to team up with Sissel the cat to save the day.

Beauty's Sixth Sense means she's been saved
After Sissel saves Jowd from execution, he explains that he can now sense his presence within a room, allowing Sissel to lead him out of the prison. If Beauty has been saved, she may be able to sense a ghost's presence as well. But Beauty doesn't have a core, which means that if she was saved, whe was unconscious. The obvious question is, "Who could have saved her?" Yomiel can't, and it couldn't have been Sissel or Missile. But There are other possibilities, especially when one considers that Temsik's origin is unknown, so it could have caused the "powers of the dead" to arise elsewhere.
  • It's just a bluff by Beauty. The reason she knows of a ghostly presence is because of Yomiel who demonstrated his powers and for trying to save Kamila, Beauty definitely knows that it was not Yomiel who wanted to save Kamila because it would not really make sense anyway due to the fact that Yomiel wanted revenge on those related to Temsik.

Ghost Trick follows the Unfinished Business rule with ghosts
The Temsik Shard made Yomiel's body immortal, but what kept his soul from passing on were his feelings of anger at what led to his death. Similarly, this is why Sissel couldn't, since he didn't even know his own name after he died. And everyone else who died had some important things to do as well. Souls exist in this universe already without the radiation, so it stands to reason the afterlife and its usual rules exist as well. Presumably, this is why Sissel isn't too concerned about the living forever deal in the epilogue.

Ghost Trick and Jojos Bizarre Adventure take place in the same universe
When an arrow fragment (which came from a meteorite) is shot into a person, it grants them supernatural powers even if it killed them. Just like Temsik. So Sissel, Missile and Yomiel are basically Stand users.
  • Orrrrrrrr, it's merely an inspiration. The universe that does share with Ghost Trick is Ace Attorney. That's all.

Ghost Trick takes place in Europe
Gyakuten Saiban takes place in Japan, whereas the localization takes place in the U.S., Los Angeles specifically. Ghost Trick takes place in the same universe but is not necessarily connected. That's because it takes place far away from both those locations: in this universe's version of Europe somewhere, probably in the great Britain. The Justice Minister has British Royal guards working for him, and the flag in his office is decidedly not American. Plus, the football in the park is identified as a Rugby Ball. Rugby uses the same type of ball as American Football, but is a European sport. An American person would never identify a Football as a Rugby ball, showing that the game takes place in Europe.
  • As a fun side note if this is true, since Word of God has stated that Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney take place in the same universe, it's very possible that might meet up with Professor Layton as well. The professor might find the whole thing quite unbelievable, but I'd imagine Luke could strike up quite a conversation with Missile and Sissel.

In the new timeline, Sissel is already dead
. In the new timeline, Sissel the cat has a core. This can be explained due to the "dead memories" psyche, but remember, due to the deflection, Jowd was shot through the leg, and suppose that Sissel was killed in the way that Yomiel was killed in the original timeline.
  • It's not really WMG if that's exactly what the game implies. Not only does cat-Sissel have a core, but his body is giving off Temsik radiation, confirming that the Temsik shard that would have gone into Yomiel's body went into his, instead.

Bailey, the prison guard, is secretly a member of the Armstrong family.
After all:
  • "This is a glorious dance! Thatís been passed down! In my family for generations!"
    • Jossed. That dance was performed by Shu Takumi himself. Unless he got inspiration from said Full Metal Alchemist which is most likely not.

Ghost Trick is an Alternate Universe of Ace Attorney.
  • Jossed. It's being confirmed by Shu Takumi himself that Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney are in the same universe.

Lynne became Athena Cykes in the one of the new timelines Sissel has created
  • Jossed to the Max. Lynne is a DETECTIVE and Athena is a DEFENSE ATTORNEY.
  • Although given how the Alternate Universe theory usually works, there are likely some universes where Lynne becomes an attorney rather than a detective. No, I think what josses this most is their names: unless Lynne is going by an alias (which she'd have no reason to), I think it's safe to say that Lynne and Athena are separate characters. Nothing keeps them from being sisters, though...

Damon Gant is Inspector Cabanella's brother
  • Jossed to the Max. But let's say that they are truly brothers (which they are not), it will be a parallel to the Gavin Brothers. Damon Gant and Kristoph Gavin are corrupted. Inspector Cabanela and Klavier Gavin have musical motif in them.

By extension of the above, Inspector Cabanela is Apollo's father.
Same hair color, similar hairstyle, both primarily wear red and white, and both can be Large Hams when they feel like it. Plus, Cabanela did die in at least one timeline, so him being dead in the Ace Attorney 'verse doesn't have to be a contradiction. Makes you wonder if Apollo's ever tried dancing before, doesn't it?

The country Ghost Trick takes place in is Borginia.
Which possibly explains the lack of cell phones and the oddities in the legal system.
  • Borginia would seem to be a European country with Indian influences, likely located somewhere south of the UK going off the style of clothing we see Borginians wear (which seems to be French and Indian but still sports some Celtic influence as well). Putting it there would give credence to the British-like guard uniforms worn by the Justice Minister's attire (and the Justice Minister's attire itself). Amelie possesses a look similar to Machi, a classic Borginian, as both are very doll-like with fair hair and blue eyes, and white seems to be a common colour for Borginians, seeing as Machi and Lamiroir prominently wear it, and while Zinc Lablanc doesn't, his surname means "the white", and Cabanela makes a big thing of wearing white. The foreigners are from a different country all together, and Beauty possibly lived in the Kingdom of Kurain for a time, which is how she can detect spirits.
    • No comment for the Borginia part but the implication of Ghost Trick taking place in the UK area is high. As for Beauty... it's just a bluff by Beauty. The reason she knows of a ghostly presence is because of Yomiel who demonstrated his powers and for trying to save Kamila, Beauty definitely knows that it was not Yomiel who wanted to save Kamila because it would not really make sense anyway due to the fact that Yomiel wanted revenge on those related to Temsik.

  • And since his personal theme is so catchy, Cabanela can't help but dance to it all the time!
    • Orrrrrrrr... he just likes to bust a groove, similar to Klavier Gavin who loves to do air guitar poses.

The drink in Emma's wineglass is either grape or tomato juice.
She douses a match in it, and alcohol is flammable. Not to mention she's in the same room as a minor, and pseudo-alcoholic drinks seem to be all the rage in the Ace Attorney 'verse. Why shouldn't it be the same here?
  • Most likely Grape Juice. Not 100% but most likely Grape Juice.

None of the foreigners shown in-game are actual people.
All of them are robots like Sith's manservant, which is why they have blue skin. None of them can trust Yomiel, of course, and since his power is to possess living things, it makes sense they'd send robots. Beauty, Dandy, Jeego and Tengo, Sith, the manservant, the sub's crew member/s, and the coroner are all robots, possibly handled by one individual in particular (who most likely strongly resembles Sith). After all, Sith likes to prepare for any and all problems, no matter how small. All of them, particularly the intel-gathering Beauty and Dandy, are Ridiculously Human Robots, designed to blend in. The manservant is not, as he isn't supposed to interact with anyone except Sith/Sithbot. In the Alternate Timeline, it's entirely possible they're robots, provided the foreign powers don't actually trust anyone, and always deploy robots when working with others. Sith says he's got a new deal in the works, and since Beauty and Dandy work for him, breaking into the safe was a related matter. So since they're on a new deal, ergo working with a new someone, they sent out their robots.
  • Only Sith's assistant is a robot. The rest of his men all have feelings, as shown when one was evacuating the submarine and promised to turn a new leaf. And Sith is real especially if he gets STARTLED, something which a robot lacks.

The Manipulator really likes curry
When the Manipulator explains everything, he says that he promised the foreigners that the lead singer of a band would expose secrets and a man would hold the Chief Commissioner hostage in his own office. However, he did not mention anything about curry. The guards say that the Curry Prisoner looked confused when the police asked what his demands were, because Yomiel didn't have any demands thought out. The Curry Man then asked for five servings of curry and rice, eats it, and then burns a lot of documents because he said that the curry was too spicy. Yomiel hadn't eaten a thing in ten years, and while he was in the Curry Man's body, the first thing he thought he wanted was the chance to do something that made him feel alive: eat. He chose curry because he liked it. Because he forgot how spicy curry could be (or he just got indigestion), he got mad and decided to burn the place while he was at it.
  • WMG aside, this curry is most likely the sweet one which Japanese people like to eat. Memry is most likely not a Japanese because it is quite common for Japanese to eat the sweet curry with chicken cutlets aside from pork.

Souls without Ghost Tricks are permanently trapped in the corpse
Every soul with Ghost Tricks has the ability to hop from core to core. But regular souls lack Ghost Tricks, and the inherent core-hopping ,and are stuck in their corpse permanently, since Ray lied and ghosts don't fade at dawn.
  • I doubt this specifically because of one detail: you can only communicate with (and rescue) souls that have been dead for less than 24 hours. This implies the soul disappears after that. However, if you are a soul with Ghost Tricks, you DON'T fade.

The Ghost world is actually the Morphogenetic Field.
The nTemsik meteor is actually a superpowerful aplifier of Espers' abilities. It was probably sent by the same guys who created the Transporter. When is the connection with the Morphogenetic Field strongest? In the moment between life and death. That's why when people die near Temsik they don't become ghosts a normal way, but they actually send their conciousness into the Morphogenetic Field with their own Esper abilities massively aplified. That's why Sissel and Missle can travel through time and why Yomiel can control people. It's just SHIFT and Mindhack Up to Eleven.
  • Orrrrrrrrr... it can just be merely an inspiration. That's all. That aside, most likely excluding Missile's ability, it is commonly known that ghosts come in the form of possession (Yomiel) or poltergeist (Sissel).
  • Now I want that crossover. Take my money!

Ami Fey was saved from death via ghost tricks.
That's why she became able to speak with ghosts. Also, the ghost in question likely had the Manipulator's ability to control living beings, and that's why Ami knew that ghost could posess people's bodies.

And tying into that:

The Magatama is a fragment of the Temsik Meteorite.
Specifically an altered Fragment. Unlike the ones we know, which grant ghostricks upon death, the Magatamas temporarily give any ghost the power to posess people. The reason every Fey medium wears them as pendants is that this way, they are only a short distance away from the heart, which is where an human's core is.