Awesome / Ghost Trick

  • In Chapter 7, after Sissel discovers that Lynne killed him and Lynne explains that it would be very easy for him to take revenge by not rescuing her, what does Sissel do? He saves her anyway, defying fate in order to find out the entire truth behind his story.
    • Lynne pushing the waitress away from the van, then backflipping out of the way herself.
  • At one point Dandy and Beauty (accidentally) kidnap Kamila and hide out in the house where the poor thing accidentally killed her mother. Dandy actually calls Beauty out on it (not that it was her idea, as we quickly find out). Note Beauty is one intimidating Femme Fatale and that every other time the two are together, Dandy is doting over her like a simp.
  • Chapter 15 is full of these being probably the biggest Wham Episode of the game:
    • Yomiel's introduction, where we first get a glimpse of his powers. The guy takes a bullet head on, gets his body thrown back a few feet onto a rolling stepladder... then nonchalantly rolls it forward and stands up as the tempo kicks in, all while defying the game's constant use of Instant Death Bullet.
    Cabanela: Ye gods...
    • This also leads to Cabanela's CMOA, as the bullet Yomiel was shot with had a radio transmitter on it. Let's elaborate on that. He shot Yomiel with a radio transmitter bullet while in extreme amounts of pain due to being caught in an explosion and then having Yomiel make his body walk up the stairs with multiple broken bones. It's a miracle he could even raise his arm and aim properly. And he even twirled the gun first, because he's just got to do it with style.
    • Yomiel's entire existence is a CMOA. Before he came along things were definitely interesting; but with his appearance they were kicked up into Mind Screw territory.
    • The way you have to deal with Chapter 15: you must not use your powers while Yomel is looking or else he will simply murder Cabanela on the spot. You have to be clever to save the Inspector while ensuring his safety in the end. To sum it up: everything is against you in this chapter, once you figure out how to beat it you will feel awesome.
    • The end of Chapter 15, when Detective Jowd puts his coat on. It really symbolizes the completion of his character turnaround from when you first meet him.
  • The end of Chapter 16 when the player is probably freaking out over not being able to open the door, and Yomiel throws it open and rescues Lynne and Kamilla with some sort of freakish multi-object manipulation grabbing claw. And then turns it into a weird humanoid contraption that resembles his actual appearance... complete with the sunglasses!
    • Speaking of Chapter 16, Sissel's ghost tricks stop a torpedo from detonating.
  • The Final Chapter. The characters go back in time ten years to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Awesomeness naturally ensues, as well as some great plot twists.
    [Jowd fires his gun at Yomiel from the pain of the Temsik fragment striking his leg]
    Detective Jowd: I knew it. This is my true fate... In the end... I stole his life away with my own hands.
    [Missile stops the bullet in mid-air]
    Missile: I won't let that happen!
    • Old!Jowd yelling at Young!Jowd to drop the gun, even if it didn't work.
  • Speaking of the Final Chapter, in the end, Yomiel saves young Lynne by manipulating his past self. It's the only time in the game you're able to manipulate a human being.
  • Another thing in the Final Chapter... Ray waits ten years in order to save his owners Lynne and Kamila. Why does he do it? Because that's what little doggies do!
  • Yet another thing from the Final Chapter. As the Mino statue hangs in mid-air over Lynne, Yomiel tries to tell Sissel to just go back in time and see what they can do. Sissel responds by basically going "FUCK THAT", willing to do anything rather than let Lynne live with the memory of that death.
  • The ending. The moment when it shifts into the ghost world to show the Temsik shard in Sissel matched to the game's theme kicking back in just makes it all worthwhile.
  • The credits showing the fates of all the cast we've come to know, love and hate throughout the entire game, namely the revelation to the player of Yomiel's redemption, when he finishes painting a picture of Sissel and thanks him as he reclaims his freedom with the woman he loves. Also doubles as an incredible Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.