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Bruce Willis' character is Joseph Colton
In the latest trailer, he calls himself Joe.
  • Confirmed.

Doctor Venom will appear.
Bonus points if he's played by Michael Emerson, thus making it the second time he's portrayed the character.

Even when Cobra's exposed, several military and political officials will STILL side with Cobra's regime.
Jossed. (Unless the third movie says otherwise.)

Duke isn't dead.
He's just in a coma.

Third Movie characters

Shipwreck (US Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman)

Gung-Ho (US Marine)

Slaughter A former Cobra Viper.

Lt. Falcon


Major Bludd (Former Special Air Service Regiment)

Overkill (A Viper)

Blackout (A Joe who defected to Cobra a month before Retaliation)

Dr Mindbender (A former MARS scientist who was a colleague of Cobra Commander when he used to be just the Doctor)
  • Dr. Mindbender has already appeared in the first G.I. Joe movie as the scientist who first experimented with nanomites. His name can be heard in the message from Destro playing on the computer screen as Rex Lewis enters the compound. Dr. Venom on the other hand...

Serpentor A resurrected and brainwashed Duke as a Viper

CM Punk, doesn't matter who he plays so long as his cobra tattoo is prominently seen & he has creative input on his dialogue.

Zartan isn't dead.
The nanomites heal Zartan's face when he cuts it with a knife. Being stabbed through the chest is more serious than a cut on the face, but who's to say they can't heal that. It might just take longer.

Destro isn't dead.
It was never confirmed that he died in the explosion.

Scarlett isn't dead.
She's just hiding. Or on another mission that precluded her being called back, or something.

If there's a third movie, Cobra Commander will be revealed to have been running a Xanatos Gambit.
If you look at events, in the first movie his plan mostly works. He gets Zartan into the White House undetected. Perhaps getting captured was even part of his plan. If the world isn't looking for Cobra Commander, they don't suspect his plan is still in place. He even says he never had a doubt when Storm Shadow rescued him; indicating that he planned on being captured and rescued.

So what did he accomplish in this movie? He got the GI Joes mostly killed and destroyed the world's nuclear arsenal completely. He even devastated most of London and had Destro killed. He also had his escape really handy for a guy who was about to take over the world. As the third movie unfolds, it will probably become clear that all he was after was nuclear disarmament; and that leads into his next plan.

He also leaves the Zeus controller with Firefly to be chased and intercepted when he could have easily taken it on the helicopter he escaped on and had all of the rods destroy the targets; indicating he didn't want them to go off at all.

The Zeus weapon used Red Matter to destroy London.
Because it caused a seismic event similar to the ones before Vulcan was destroyed.

G.I. Joe was heavily downsized and absorbed into the US military between films.
Most of the Joes found new careers. The ones who remained were turned into a small American unit doing American things (like we see at the beginning of Retaliation.) The Pit was given to the Egyptian government, Breaker was allowed to return to French territory, etc. This explains the discrepancy between the way the organization is depicted in the two films, and means that Scarlett, General Hawk, Ripcord, etc. are still alive.

Destro will return but will not rejoin Cobra.
He'll be the leader of his own third-party faction, with a surprise agenda. Also, he'll probably be recast.

The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Baroness will not return.
Sienna Miller does not want to return to the role. If we see the Baroness again in this series, it will be a different individual using the name and look (maybe a Russian).

Practically 95% of the Joes were wiped out prior to the film.

How? Remember the "nanobyte wars" mentioned in the beginning, it could have ended badly for the Joes, hence no Hawk, Ripcord, Scarlet, Heavy Duty, Stone, Breaker, Anna/Baroness, Pit, and carrier where Anna/Baroness was imprisoned. Also explains why the Joes seen in the movie are small enough that after getting bombed by Cobras, they're considered dead.

  • As I recall, he said "nanoMITE wars", which is most likely the In-Universe name for the events of Rise Of Cobra. And G.I. Joe was depicted (or at least implied) as being larger at the end of that film than the beginning, which kinda wrecks this theory.

Cobra existed before G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
Zartan and Rex Lewis met one day and decided it would be awesome to Take Over the World, so they recruited a few other people (including Firefly and the "it's good to have you back boss" guy). They called themselves Cobra, and Rex had already called himself Cobra Commander. Eventually, Zartan, Storm Shadow and the Commander himself decided to infiltrate MARS Industries so they could seize its resources. Cobra Commander's Mad Scientist persona in the first movie was just a disguise he used for the infiltration. Having Zartan impersonate the President was originally his idea and he suggested it to James Mc Cullen (which is why everyone treats it like his idea in Retaliation). And as for who ran Cobra between films? The "it's good to have you back boss" guy.

  • Or President Zartan, when he wasn't harassing the real president and (in the extended cut) leering at his interns.

Cobra is actually a front for the Umbrella Corporation.
During the final battle, you can see Zartan standing in front of the Umbrella logo. So does that mean Cobra works for Umbrella or is it the other way around?
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