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Nightmare Fuel: G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • The prison that Snake-Eyes who is actually Storm Shadow in disguise is shipped off to. The warden is a Psychopathic Manchild, the prison itself is so far underground that it is technically international ground, making it immune to any nation's rules, and the method of containment is keeping them in semi-suspended animation, essentially putting them in a state of And I Must Scream. Even though the only other prisoners are Cobra Commander and Destro, nobody really deserves that kind of punishment.
  • London, England getting destroyed by Cobra's latest superweapon. It doesn't just get swallowed up by a mushroom cloud. You can actually see each and every single building just jump up in the air and shatter. Take a look.
    • This will be scarier for anyone who has seen the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left", which occurs in an alternate universe in which London is destroyed because the Doctor wasn't there to prevent the ''Titanic'' from crashing into Earth. As a result, Britain becomes a third-world country overnight.
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