Awesome: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

  • Small moment when Roadblock, Flint, and Lady Jaye were hiding from the COBRA soldiers in a well. After checking to see if anyone was inside and finding nothing (the Joes were hidden under the water), one of the soldiers goes ahead and fires a round into the water just to be sure. Pure luck that he didn't hit them.
  • Storm Shadow letting himself be captured so that he can attack the prison from within while Firefly attacks from the outside, in order to break Cobra Commander out.
    • The warden manages to get a few by electrocuting Storm Shadow by defibrillating the wet floor he's standing on and later his last act before dying is shooting the gas pipe causing the explosion that injures Storm Shadow.
  • Storm Shadow flings several shuriken at Snake Eyes...only for him to shoot them out with a MP7. And if the slow-motion is to be believed, he only needed one bullet per shuriken. Accuracy AND controlled bursts.
    • ... which leads to Snake Eyes firing his Uzi at Storm Shadow from really close range, which Storm Shadow avoids by doing a cool wallflip. The bullets may be faster than ninja shuriken, but they are not faster than a ninja.
  • An injured Firefly tries to set off one of his firefly bombs on Roadblock after their second fight...but Roadblock took his detonator. He holds it up as if to say "Not this time" and blows Firefly up with his own bomb.
  • COBRA's takeover is an impressive villainous version.
  • The entirety of the "Ninja Mountain Battle" sequence.
  • Storm Shadow becoming the Reverse Mole. An epic story of redemption (that, luckily, doesn't end in death).
    • His killing of Zartan also qualifies.
  • During the climax, some bald COBRA Guards in a bunker keeping an eye on the President overhear the battle outside, so one of them decides to go check it out. After a moment and some gunfire, his lifeless body is tossed back down the stairs, startling the others. Said body turns out to actually be Colton, who proceeds to gun down the guards, catching them completely off guard.
  • Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow's Back-to-Back Badasses moment in the final battle.
  • Joe Colton's arsenal reveal is just epic. Every single surface of his house is covered in weapons... including a tank in the garage.
    • Joe Colton, in general. "He's the reason we're called Joes," indeed.