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Unmarked spoilers of TLJ, Dreamfall and Dreamfall Chapters ahead!

    April's nature and fate 

April is not only a Shifter, she is also a Dreamer
In the very beginning of the game, April dreams of Arcadia and then "falls" into it and can interact with physical (tree, egg) objects there, just like Zoe's "dream presence" in Dreamfall. This is the only instance in the game that April physically travels to Arcadia without (visibly) passing through a Shift. E.g. in a later chapter, she similarly opens a Shift in her sleep, but still has to wake up and step through it to actually use it. Indeed, her first encounter with the White Dragon (and it was real, since when April revisits the same location via regular Shifting late in the game, you can still see the traces of her previous visit) took place even before April's first definitive Shift with Cortez's help. Unlike Zoe, April apparently doesn't need Morpheus and the Dreamer consoles, either because she is just that freaking badass (dragon blood and all) or because the Divide was much easier to cross that way with the Guardian absent.

April is not in Arcadia in Dreamfall (ties in with the above)
She is in Stark, dreaming of Arcadia. The Darker and Edgier "April" is actually her dream presence, while her body is hooked on life-support in the Vanguard labs, who brainwashed her to prevent her from realizing the truth and waking up. This is also why she cannot Shift to Stark. Thus, she both died and didn't in the rebel camp scene: her avatar was destroyed but her real body has awakened in Stark, which is just what Zoe was supposed to do to "save April". And she will be a playable character in Chapters, of course.
  • Seems to have been jossed. April was, indeed, physically in Arcadia—and was buried there.

Kian will turn on his captors and rescue April
Zoe's "saving" of April consisted of facilitating her meeting with Kian near Friar's Keep (when she was captured as a witch). At that meeting, Kian met April under non-hostile terms and she managed to pull him over to her side. Also, Na'ane will redeem herself by coming to his aid and patching up April's wound.
  • Jossed. Kian is in prison at the beginning of Chapters and no mention of April is made.
  • Na'ane will also have to find other ways to redeem herself, because April is dead.
    • She does in DFC Book Four, if Kian didn't rat her out—she saves Enu's life after the Azadi raid.

April unconsciously opened a Shift to Stark in the last moment
And will be nursed to health by Emma and Charlie in Chapters.
  • Jossed. She died.
    • Admittably, this was a fan favorite explanation for why there was no sound of April landing in the water after she was stabbed. Looks like those fans were disappointed.

April needed to be "saved" from losing faith
Thus, Zoe saved her either by helping her regain faith in her destiny (either as a consequence of a Near-Death Experience, or through the believer Kian's influence), or by leading her to her death, preventing from losing faith completely.
  • This is true, based on the Faith Model posted on the game's Wiki. All the major characters seem to go through stages in the model.

April was actually Killed Off for Real
Because she lost faith in her higher purpose and powers.
  • Confirmed.

April has been killed but will be reborn like the White Dragon
Based on some tidbits on the Kickstarter page.
  • This is exactly what happened.

April's Shifter abilities are now tied to Crow
In TLJ, Cortez says that nobody but the Shifter herself can cross the Divide via her Shift. However, in the endgame, April summons Crow through her Shift from Arcadia. In Dreamfall, the White Kin explains that April cannot shift on her own—and that she needs Crow to do so. In other words, something happened to her Shifting ability in the Guardian's Realm that made Crow a catalyst for it, meaning that she "lost" it after ditching Crow eight years ago.

This may also have something to do with the fact that April left Crow in the Guardian's Realm in the end of TLJ, but apparently came back for him later, since they spent two more years together in Arcadia after that.
  • In DFC Book Four, Abnaxus confirms that there was some kind of mystical bond between Crow and April, but it has since been apparently transferred to the White Kin, which may be why the latter had to help April open that Shift to the Guardian's Realm. Saga seems to be able to Shift at will without Crow's assistance, however.

April actually could have been the Guardian of the Balance.
The impression I got from Tobias was that the Vanguard was taking any children strong in the Balance in hopes of trying to control them - because there is not just one person who can become the Guardian, but a multitude of different candidates. However, it operates purely on one basis: Age. Because Gordon was older than April, he was the one to be the next Guardian, and if someone older than April had been in the Guardian's Realm (but not Gordon himself) then they would have been the Guardian. Had Gordon not been there or if he had died, then April would have been the Guardian instead. The reason that Cortez told April that she was the final Guardian was because he thought that Gordon would either die or not make it to the Guardian's Realm.
  • It's been pointed out on the WMG page for The Longest Journey as well. Guardian Adrian spent 200 years of overtime as the Guardian. Gordon cannot be 200 years old at the time he ascends to the Guardiancy, so during those 200 years it's possible that other Guardian Candidates were born and either killed or prevented from getting to the Guardian's realm to take over. It's not clear what makes April be rejected as Guardian and Gordon be accepted, though, but age could be a part of it.

The Azadi Tower suppresses the Dark People's connection to each other
The captain couldn't recognize April as a Wave in Marcuria because something there (read: the Tower of Azadi) was suppressing his senses/connection to the hive mind. Another Dark Person in the Dark Library instantly recognized April's status.
  • Abnaxus says something in the first game (I think) about different threads of time. It could possibly be that the Dark People can also sense different threads in time, and that in one of them, April had ceased to be a Wave. So when April talked to the ship captain, the thread he was sensing was the one where April ceased having much of an influence on the world. The next Dark Person she talks to can sense the thread where April is still a Wave, so he acknowledges her as such. It seems that April might have stopped being a Wave if she had not met Kian and influenced him to take a good look at what the Azadi were doing in Marcuria, which is what caused him to have a change of heart at the end of Dreamfall and join the Rebels in Chapters. After all, waves don't go on forever and eventually peter out on their own.

    Zoe's background and fate 

Helena Chang is Zoe's mother
Helena "knew a Castillo once". She and her company "created" Faith, according to Jeanine Park. The "white lady" said that Faith and Zoe are sisters, and Faith believed her. Helena may have been Gabriel's wife but they divorced shortly before the Collapse and he claimed she was dead. The Collapse helped a lot, destroying most reliable records and discrediting the rest.

Zoe's mom is really dead
...but Chang knew her and Gabriel and used her stolen genetic code to clone Faith.
  • Jossed, see above.

Zoe's Dreamer talents created a Recursive Reality
By telling the Vagabond her story in the end, she created a world where she fell into the coma and told her story to the Vagabond in the end.

Rescuing Zoe from coma will be a big quest in Chapters
She was promised to return.
  • Kinda. Waking herself up is the first major puzzle she solves in the game.
    • And again when it turns out that she didn't really wake up in the prologue! She only wakes up for real (we assume) in the end of Book Four, after much journeying.

    The Undreaming 

The Undreaming is a living creature
It devours people's dreams, thus it facilitated the creation of the dreamer consoles to put humanity into the state of perpetual dreaming. The living Dreamers like Zoe are like a poison to it because their dreams are particularly strong and hard to devour.

The Undreaming is a force of nature
Kinda like a personification of Ragnarok, it is out to destroy the Balance and the Twin World. Judging by its name, it is the Evil Counterpart to the Dreaming in Aboriginal Australian Myths. This is further supported by prolific allusions to other parts of Aboriginal mythology (Alchera, Eingana, etc.).
  • partially Jossed by Book five of Chapters: The Undreaming is actually part of the Balance, the counterpoint to Dreaming. It was being controlled and abused by the Prophet to try and destroy magic. So (that's the partial Confirmation) it *is* a force of nature, but not a anti-Balance one.

The Undreaming is Nothing from The Neverending Story
Both phenomena start destroying reality when people start losing faith in their dreams. Also, the symbolism of towers.
  • Jossed by Dag Scheve and Ragnar Tornquist during the Dreamfall live-stream, when they denied any connection between TLJ and Ende's book.

    Brian Westhouse 

Brian Westhouse is an avatar of the Undreaming
The Undreaming corrupted and took control of his body in the 300 years he was trapped between the worlds, then spit him out into Arcadia. He is also likely to be the one hunting the Kin and is the real identity of the Azadi Prophet.
  • Jossed, but very close, in chapter 5 of Chapters. He took control of the Undreaming, not the other way around..

Brian Westhouse resisted the Undreaming
So it just dumped him into Arcadia, leaving him exhausted and devoid of dreams and inspirations, so he turned into a regular drunk. He got over it by the time of Dreamfall.
  • Jossed, again close, he overpowered it but then forced it to stay inside his body to abuse its powers..

The monks sent Westhouse to the Undreaming on purpose
If you sneak up on them in the prologue, you'll overhear them talking about it. The only question is whether Chavez/Cortez knew about it, too, or not. If he did, he may have been also possessed by it or hoped that Westhouse somehow keeps it in check.

    The Collapse 

The "Collapse" was a Cosmic Retcon by the new Guardian
Immediately after April left the Tower in TLJ, Guardian Gordon started fixing the bugs and glitches in the Balance that slipped in during Adrian's "overtime". Those included the removal of magical "technologies" (Anti Gravity, Faster-Than-Light Travel, neural interfaces; all according to the fluff booklet) from Stark and technological "magic" from Arcadia.

The Collapse was orchestrated by secretly-evil Gordon
Gordon is STILL working for the Vanguard and aimed to weaken the Twin Worlds to facilitate their future reunification by deliberately pumping too much magic into Stark. Likewise, technology was pumped into Arcadia, giving rise to the Steam Punk Azadi Empire.

    Guardian Gordon 

The Guardian's Tower fell because Gordon is the last one
The Tower was only necessary for the Changing of the Guard ritual. Since Gordon is the last, the Tower was no longer needed. Alternatively, Gordon is the last because the Tower couldn't last much longer and no new Guardians can be inducted in the future.

The Guardian's Tower fell because Gordon is evil
Either it fell to expose his corruption, or he destroyed it on purpose. Most likely, he still secretly works for the Vanguard.
  • Also, he was way too eager to convince April that the events of Dreamfall have nothing to do with her (not that she needed much convincing).

Gordon is moonlighting
Adrian told April that the Guardian loses all sense of self for a thousand years, becoming a conduit for scientific and magical energies. Gordon, on the other hand, could disconnect from the tower and converse with April.

Gordon is doing a sloppy job
The Azadi have guns and Schizo Tech in Arcadia, while the Wati have neural interfaces on their dreamer consoles, which is said to have stopped working after the Collapse.

    The Azadi Agenda 

The "heating" steam machines actually collect dreams
They are the Arcadian counterpart to the dreamer consoles and collect dreams to send it to the central storage (the Azadi Tower, which is the counterpart to the Starkian Eingana).
  • In Dreamfall Chapters, similar machines, dubbed "mystery towers", appear scattered throughout Europolis, as well.
  • Confirmed in Chapters.

The Chamber of Dreams is a remote storage of dreams for Eingana
A Wati scientist mentions that Eingana seems to store more dream information that it is physically possible. In fact, Eingana is connected with the Azadi Tower and transfers a part of its stored dreams directly to Arcadia. Also, if you recall, the major Eingana malfunction that Zoe witnessed conincided in time with the violent energy eruption that April saw in the Arcadian cave.
  • Confirmed in chapter 5 of Chapters..

The White Mother was the Goddess of the Azadi
She managed to kept their expansionist policies in check until her death, that's why nobody heard of them before her death.
  • Supported somewhat in Chapters; when Kian sees a banner of the White in the rebel base, he comments that she reminds him of the Goddess, and speculates she is a reflection or aspect of her. The reverse seems more likely true.

    The Azadi Prophet 

The Prophet is Brian Westhouse in disguise
Westhouse has some unexplained relationship with the Undreaming. He disappears right before April spies on the Prophet and reappears when the Prophet vanishes. Also, if you take a screenshot of the blink-and-you-miss-it shot of the Prophet looking in the camera and adjust contrast and brightness, you'll notice that he looks a lot like Westhouse.
  • Confirmed.

The Prophet is the Guardian Gordon
He is still working for the Vanguard.
  • Jossed.

The Prophet is the Blue Kin
The White Kin says that she cannot feel the Blue, so he may be in hiding. His apathy in the first game was because he was gathering power and strength for the upcoming reunification of the Twin Worlds, which he now facilitates as the Prophet.
  • Partially Jossed. Chapters has nothing to say about the Blue but it is shown and told that the Prophet perished before Unification and was working against it, since he wanted to destroy magic and the point of Unification was to reunite magic and technology.

The Prophet is Gabriel Castillo
He is actually the mastermind behind Project Alchera and the Azadi Tower, that's why he played the Disappeared Dad throughout most of the story (as the project entered a critical phase). Like his daughter, he is a Dreamer and can manifest himself in Arcadia as the Prophet. This is also the reason why neither the EYE commandos, nor the WatiCorp security actually harmed Zoe at any point. The only one who truly wanted her dead was Helena Chang, who may be Gabriel's ex-wife and enemy.
  • Jossed.

    Kian Alvane 

Kian is the son of the White Mother
And thus, April's brother. "Alvane" is their real surname. Officially, Kian is Conveniently an Orphan but Commander Vamon noted that he rose through the ranks way too fast for an ordinary "motherless boy" in Sadir. Maybe his mom covertly pulled a few strings for him?
  • Probably jossed. In his inner monologue in Chapters, Kian reveals that his mother committed suicide by drowning when he was very young.

Kian will save April and marry her later
They are obviously set up as a couple and what's better than a classical Rescue Romance to kick-start a relationship?

Kian is Cortez, in the same way the White Kin is the White Mother
Before dying in The Longest Journey, Cortez made sure there was an egg with his child laid somewhere. After he died, his soul reincarnated in the child, who was Kian. Proofs: at some point Kian makes a comment that April is strangely familiar, as if he has seen her before. He and Cortez look a bit similar. Their relationship with April starts similar to that of Cortez and April: April has no reason to trust him or even bother talking to him, but for some reason does, as if she's inexplicably drawn to him. Vamon lampshades that Kian was surprisingly successful for an ordinary kid with no lineage to speak of - probably some powers that come with Kin's blood. Also, don't "Kin" and "Kian" sound a bit similar? Besides, Kian is a militant follower of a religion that has reincarnation as one of its beliefs. It's almost as if he's trying to tell us something.

    Attack on the White Kin 

The White Kin was attacked by Westhouse
He is the avatar of the Undreaming. She is the young but only remaining protector of the Twin Worlds. The rest is Self Explanatory. Also, she was afraid of him upon their first meeting and the Kin recognized her attacker shortly before he made his move.
  • Confirmed.

The White Kin was attacked by the Dark captain who delivered April to her
The captain didn't recognize April as a Wave, yet another Dark person later says that all Dark People form a single Hive Mind, so the captain had to recognize her. He may be either disconnected from the rest (corrupted by the Undreaming?) or an impostor. Either way, it's enough to make him a suspect.
  • Jossed.

The White Kin was attacked by Guardian Gordon
Either because he is evil, or because he thus restored the Balance (since either Red, or Green, or both were killed in Stark, creating disbalance in favor of Arcadia).
  • Jossed.

The White Kin was attacked by the Blue Kin
The Blue Kin decided it's finally time to go home and decided to take his relative with him.
  • Jossed.

The White Kin was attacked by Crow
He was corrupted by the Undreaming in the eight years after April dumped him. And you can clearly hear wings flapping in that scene.
  • Very unlikely in light of Book Four revelations from Abnaxus: Crow is currently bonded with the White Kin, which explains his presence at the scene and makes him an unlikely suspect.
  • Jossed.

Whoever attacked the White Kin already killed the Blue Kin
That's why she was hiding after sensing his death.

    The white lady 

The white lady resides either in Arcadia or between the Worlds
Faith, a resident of Winter, is her only link to Zoe and the rest of the "real world". She has very vague idea what what's happening to both April and Zoe, since all she can say is "go find April, save April".

The white lady is the White Kin
Both are white. The White Kin would want to protect her sister and had a chance of knowing about danger to April.
  • Seems supported by the White Kin appearing to baby Saga at the House of All Worlds in Chapters. She claims Saga will only be able to see her while she is still a child (is this why the White Lady appeared to Faith, rather than any adult character in Dreamfall?) and the only distinguishing features about her apparition are a lot of white light and a feminine figure and voice.

The white lady is Helena Chang
She knew Faith and wears a labcoat. She was also the only one who could reasonably reveal to her that she and Zoe are sisters.
  • Jossed.

The white lady is Lady Alvane
She is gray-haired and a "lady". She already helped April once.

The white lady is the Anthropomorphic Personification of Eingana
Eingana had developed her own identity and became a Robot Girl. She had unrestricted access to Faith, ports in Arcadia, and would probably have her own agenda.


Reza was caught and brainwashed using the dreamer console
Reza's last trace is the bloody handprint at the backdoor of Victory Hotel. That's when he was captured. Then Alvin Peats "ate his dreams".
  • Confirmed. He got better.

Reza was killed and replaced by clone
That's why "it's not him" in the end.
  • Jossed.

Reza was a mole from day one
He had everything set up too conveniently: a hidden laptop, a pre-programmed Watilla, etc.
  • Jossed.

That's not Reza... That's PEATS
Reza was found to have been close to that girl whom Peats could not see. So as a result, Peats used the dream console to pull a Grand Theft Me somehow with Reza, forcing him to be placed in Peats's body. When "Peats" was killed at the end, that was really Reza, who was crying about how he couldn't see in that body, and was wanting to warn Zoë that someone had taken his body.
  • In the beginning of Dreamfall Chapters, Zoë says that's someone wearing his skin... This troper wanted to yell "NO! That's not Reza! I think it's Peats!"
    • THANKFULLY Jossed.


The Sentinel Temple serves as a beacon to those crossing the Divide
When April first arrived to Arcadia, she appeared inside the Sentinel Temple. When Zoe traveled there, she ended up in the caverns underneath the Azadi Tower, which was built on the spot where the Sentinel Temple stood.

Grubbers from the Marcurian caves are related to Bandas
Both live underground use songs for Earth Bending. Na'ane even suggests it in-game.
  • New data in Book Four actually reveals that Grubbers are an offshoot of the Oular, kind of like Alatien and Maerum, although their relation to the Bandas is not completely ruled out yet.

Grubbers are afraid of April
The only Grubber who would fight her is the Super Grubber in the Necropolis. Normal Grubbers just run away from her, though they would attack Zoe on the spot.

Damien was a Manchurian Agent for Wati
That's why he left Zoe helplessly sleeping in his flat with Wati security hot on his trail.
  • Jossed. Judging by how he was killed by the conspirators and made to take the fall for them, he was a genuine thing from the start.

Damien performed an offscreen Heroic Sacrifice which will be revealed in Dreamfall Chapters
Wati security was hot on his trail, but he thought if he ran out and sacrificed himself, that would get them off of Zoë.
  • Confirmed.

Vamon's gun was a joke
One of the character designers decided to make a Visual Pun on Chekhov's Gun.
  • Definitely not a joke, as Kian has to learn in Chapters—Vamon manages to shoot him twice before he escapes.

Brynn was the real mole in April's group
After yet another gesture of mistrust from April (during her first meeting with Zoe), he played Judas and ran off to Azadi to rat her out. Zoe "saved April" by keeping Brynn and Chawan inside that shack and preventing him from finishing April off. His battle cry "For Raven!" may have been a codeword for Azadi to recognize him. Or he realized that for Azadi grunts, he is just a rebel and decided to go down fighting.
  • Seems to have been jossed: Brynn appears alongside Chawan and other rebels at April's funeral in Chapters.
  • If the rebels haven't figured out he's a mole, though, it would be more suspicious for him not to show up at April's funeral than for him to put in an appearance. It doesn't make complete sense, though. If he ratted her out, how is it that Kian was never informed by anyone that his search for a male rebel leader the Azadi referred to as "the Scorpion" had changed to a female rebel leader who referred to herself as "Raven"? Kian was still an Apostle at that point, and was still trusted enough to complete his job of hunting down the Scorpion. You would think that Brynn most likely would have been questioned by Kian about it personally at some point, much like when Zoe gets questioned by Kian when she's arrested for being a witch. It's also possible that the Azadi would have just flat-out killed him after he gave up his information.

The static was caused by Faith overloading Eingana
Due to Faith's presence inside it, Eingana couldn't handle all the data it was fed and dumped some of it to the Chamber of Dreams in Arcadia and some, simply onto the Wire, creating "static". Also, Faith herself crawled out of Eingana several times to communicate with Zoe, creating additional disruption.

Faith's death led to the Eingana malfunction that got Peats killed
Peats could only perceive the outside world through Eingana. When he lost it, he was removed from picture.

The Vagabond is God
Because he works In Mysterious Ways.
  • Kinda. He is described by Ragnar as the Domain Holder of Storytime... and Storytime is the place where all stories in the Twin Worlds originate.

The Vagabond is the fifth Draic Kin
So that they have the space between the Worlds covered, too.
  • Would that also mean there's another Draic Kin too?
    • Only if the Dreaming is part of the Balance.

The released version of the dreamer consoles is harmless
Assuming that Eingana was actually destroyed in DF.
  • Jossed. In Chapters, it is clearly shown that the "dream machines" are extremely addictive and commonly trap their users in their own nightmares. While this may not be the kind of harmful Wati intended them to be (which is not really clear yet, either), it is still far from harmless.

Peats is related to Burns Flipper
Because why the not?