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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Dreamfall Chapters

There will be 13 chapters in Dreamfall Chapters

Because both TLJ and Dreamfall had thirteen chapters each.

Release date speculation

  • April 2014: On Formspring, Tornquist estimated the development time to be about 18 months; the pre-production started in November 2012; add 18 months, and you'll have April 2014. Particularly fitting since the English versions of both the original TLJ and Dreamfall were released in April (2000 in UK and 2006 in NA, respectively), and April has a rather symbolic meaning in the series.

ZoŽ is still dreaming.

Screens on the souk of Europolis repeat 'Wake up now' in Arabic. Also, some people can sometimes be heard saying similar things if you walk around in the city.
  • The frequency with which Propast residents use the words "wake up" and similar expressions is alarming. Almost like a subliminal message...

The new Protagonist may potentially be related to April, Faith, and ZoŽ.

After all it is TLJ tradition... well, if people are right.
  • Confirmed: Saga is all but stated to be April's reincarnation.

Kian will perform a Leap of Faith

Because he is an assassin. And eagles are featured on a lot of artwork. Also, faith.

We will see an old Kian Alvane together with Lady Alvane

Since the two are somehow related and the House of All Worlds is going to be in the game. Considering that Lady Alvane has his surname, they most likely have already met each other (it's just that we are yet to see them together onscreen).

Damien Was killed by Falk

  • Semi-confirmed. Damien was, indeed, murdered by the conspirators, and chances are good that Falk was in charge of the cleanup, since he is the one observing ZoŽ—the last loose end in the Alchera conspiracy.
    • Damien probably "abandoned" ZoŽ in Dreamfall as a Heroic Sacrifice - he knew that he would be caught soon, and didnt' want her to be executed as an accomplice.

ZoŽ's nose piercing was put in by Reza

  • ZoŽ piercing seems to have been removed (or not there yet) in the released version of Book One.

Casablanca will return and be a Nostalgia Level

That's not Reza. That's PEATS!!

  • Considering the events of Book 1... dear God, let it not be true.

Who or what Saga is

This may be obvious to some, but let's get it out there: Saga is a reincarnation of April Ryan. Hints given so far:

  • Saga's birth is deliberately juxtaposed with April's funeral (since her death already happened off-screen in Dreamfall).
  • A spirit that looks a whole lot like the White Dragon's human form from Dreamfall calls Saga "sister-daughter"—a relationship previously established between the White Dragon and April.
  • The subtitle of Book One is "Reborn", and it explicitly concerns the spiritual (and partly physical in one case) rebirth of two out of three of Dreamfall's protagonists. It stands to reason that the third protagonist would be reborn, too, even if it goes far beyond just spiritual in her case.

April Ryan wasn't the first

April Ryan wasn't the first incarnation of April/Saga. We know from TLJ that April is ostensibly the daughter of the White Mother... who presumably resided in Arcadia for the past twelve thousand years to preserve the Balance. Yet April herself was adopted by the Ryan family from a Starkian orphanage, which leaves open the question of how she crossed the Divide in such a young age. However, as we have just seen in Chapters, April/Saga's reincarnation ability transcends the boundaries of the Twin Worlds, so she can be reborn in the House of All Worlds (which we've seen to exist somewhere in-between, since April has to Shift to there in TLJ) after dying in Arcadia. It then follows that she could just as well be reborn in Stark as April Ryan after her previous incarnation died in Arcadia about thirty years ago. And that reincarnation needs not to have been the first, either: it is possible the White Mother gave birth to April/Saga specifically to be able to influence the affairs in Stark without leaving Arcadia.

As for April/Saga's real age, we can conjecture that she couldn't be more than a few centuries old, since by the time the events from Silver Spear of Gorimon occurred, she was still "unborn", and the fall of the Bakshevan Empire is dated several centuries before present (admittedly, Arcadian time keeping is extremely fuzzy).

Queenie is to ZoŽ what Lady Alvane is to April

ZoŽ says she wants to "be Queenie" rather than just "like Queenie". So what if Queenie is actually ZoŽ from the future? It's not like no protagonist has ever met her older self in person in this particular series.
  • Zoe would have to become full-bloodied Chinese and lose a lot of height.
    • She is half-Chinese already and there is a trope for the other thing.

There was a Chekhov's Gunman in Europolis

Not long after you speak to Reza, you see someone sitting on the bench nearby the "Hand that feeds". He has a name, and ZoŽ can't speak to him, but will say "I remember him..."
  • There are many people in Europolis whom Zoe seems to remember, but they are most likely the Dreamachine victims she saved while in Storytime.
    • If I recall, they are Kickstarter backers who get names in the game.

Kian will become a Shifter

Zoe has her own powers, but Kian does not. However, it would make no sense that this dual world problem would be solely Zoe in Stark and Kian in Arcadia, because that would keep the worlds separate. Without a Shifter (and Saga still a toddler), it would be two separate worlds.

April will be encountered in spirit form to Saga

Reincarnation might be possible, but April might serve as a Spirit Advisor when Saga is unable to remember the White Dragon.

The House In Between where Saga's family lives is the Lady Alvane's house. Saga is April and Lady Alvane, obviously.

Is this even a WMG?

In one of the later books, a ZoŽ will have a Wham Line with Lea Uminska or Konstantin Wolf and how she reacts to it will be a major decision point.

  • Continuing from this, ZoŽ's decision point could be to change her vote to Wolf, or vote for Uminska. In order to keep with what Word of God said (that the lines would be a bit more greyed), who ZoŽ votes for will win the election, and they both turn out to be well for Europolis. However, the major consequences is that if ZoŽ votes for Wolf, she will be called out on it and be implied to lose her friends.

Whatever Robot ZoŽ uses in Chapter 3 will be important later on and directs ZoŽ to go somewhere

The context will change, however - with Shitbot, Mira probably finds something unusual in his programming. Whereas with the functional robot, either it breaks down and ZoŽ goes to Mira's to have it repaired or maybe Mira realizes "Oh, Crap - I forgot to delete something important from that robot".

Alternatively, if Kian does not become a Shifter...

There may be some switcheroo chapter where ZoŽ ends up in Arcadia again... but Kian for some reason appears in Stark.
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