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If Nero shows he will be voiced by Quinton Flynn

During the fight with Mundus, he transferred his essence unto Vergil, resulting in the latter's attitude towards the end.
Vergil gets sucked in specifically to possess him (possessing Dante would be too much of a hassle, since he can fight back). The physical body of Mundus wrestles with Vergil to transfer his essence unto him. The transfer was completed just before Dante landed the killing blow. With the Hell Gate shut down, the only thing Mundus could do in Vergil's body was announce his intentions to rule. When Dante won, Mundus keeps his pretense of being Vergil until the latter regained his conciousness just before Vergil's Downfall began, thus his perceiving that Dante betrayed him.
  • In addition, Hollow Vergil, along with Hollow Kat and Dante, is Mundus' essence taking the form of Vergil in order to possess him, essentially the whole of Vergil's Downfall is Mundus shaping Vergil into a proper vessel.

Mundus is a misguided hero
In the beginning, Vergil notes that Mundus uses the humans as a factory farm for human souls and monitors them like pets. More or less, he claims that Mundus enslaved the humans to farm them for souls. Yet, throughout the entire game, when have we ever seen Mundus actually use or devour souls? Mundus has the ability to level a section of the city with his mind. If he really wanted to, he could have blown up the entire block containing the order but he doesn't. He doesn't because he wants to protect the humans. All those claims about humans being a factory farm were lies generated by Vergil to coerce Dante to join him. Mundus has all the power he needs from the hell gate, enslaving the humans does not benefit him at all. He keeps the president in check, should the president be corrupted. He ends conflict by keeping people happy with Virility. Most importantly, he installs those cameras to keep an eye out for criminals and terrorists, specifically Dante. Mundus himself confirms this at the end. His dialogue isn't about how Dante's ruined his factory of human souls. Mundus honestly thought he was helping humans because humans are naturally chaotic, and his rage at Dante isn't about how Dante's ruining his business, it's about Dante killing his son.
  • Mundus and Lilith brag about "making the world their bitch", and Dante actually treks through the Silver Sacks Tower, Mundus's lair, where you can see the souls being tortured. There's even a room called the "Furnace of Souls".
    • Given Mundus's pride, even if he was doing good for the humans, he still views them as inferior to him (just as Vergil did), so that bitch comment would still be in context. Mundus is never seen reveling in the fact that he's torturing human souls. He's never even seen interacting with souls at all. Though this part is extreme wild mass guessing, but I think the souls being driven mad in his tower is a necessity for Mundus, not a luxury. He needs the humans in his tower, he needs them to conform, or else he risks losing control. Sacrifice the souls of the few to save/control the masses. Got nothing for the furnace though.
  • Mundus does gain from conquering mankind, it serves to feed his massive ego and god complex. He makes the big speech about how he's just helping mankind, yet that doesn't mean he believes it; it's just something he can say to make himself look better. It's easy to say the humans are constantly at war and that that is awful, but look at the demons; war is part of their being. They came into existence at war with the angels for no given reason other then the fact that they weren't demons. Their bodies are designed for violence with weapons built into them, they delight in violence, up to torturing other demons like Phineas. Mundus kills Eva and sentences his brother to eternal torture just because he fell in love with an angel. Why doesn't he just blow up the Order? It's because he doesn't care and thinks he's a god; instead' he just lets them slaughter wave after wave of minion demons because he doesn't think it actually threatens him.

"Dante" in DmC is not Dante, but Modeus from the anime
Modeus was scrawnier-looking than Dante and wore black. Modeus somehow became aware of Dante, who is in hiding and calling himself Tony Redgrave. Out of loyalty to Sparda, Modeus decided to help divert attention from the real Dante by fighting large numbers of demons while claiming to be Dante himself.

Sadly, Dante will repay this kindness one day by killing Modeus and his brother Baul.
  • Confirmed not to be the case several times over.

"Dante" is actually The Scout.
Dante is too busy to clean up the horde of demons lurking about, so he decided to hire out a certain Bostonian mercenary. Despite his best attempts, he couldn't quite get the replacement-him to drop the Brooklyn accent or the attitude.

There will be an Achievement/Trophy that mocks or teases the fans
Given the rep the game received even before release, there may be an Achivement that (as a joke or easter egg) mocks the fans who complained. Maybe by having Dante seen in his classic form after a certain number of times.
  • As if Ninja Theory couldn't piss the fans off even more if they were to do this.
    • Vergil still has his white hair and blue eyes as the recent trailer with him has shown. Perhaps Dante will get the white hair and blue eyes at the end of the game.
  • You were half right, each trophy/achievement is a call back to old DMC ("Flock off, Featherface", for instance), and there was a white wig in the style of old Dante's hair in the game for a gag.

Angels will appear as antagonists in the game
While we do know that demons absolutely despise Dante, it would be interesting if angels got into the mix and wanted to kill Dante as well. Considering that Dante is also half-demon, the angels might not have taken very well to Eva having a child with Sparda.
  • You were wrong...for this game.

Limbo is the boundary between Earth, Heaven, and Hell
And by the time the game ends, Limbo will be destroyed allowing demons to enter the Human World relatively freely and thus letting humans see them. A possible side effect of this is that Dante will be mode locked into this game's version of his devil trigger. Come on, admit it. That would satisfy those that are still neigh sayers.
  • Somewhat right and somewhat wrong: Limbo was hidden by Mundus' power, and at the end, demons fill the streets. Dante doesn't become mode-locked but throughout the game, use of devil trigger causes his hair to grey then white out; by the end, it's mostly white with flakes of grey and black. What you were wrong on was heaven's involvement, which besides a few Angels and mention of the battle for Earth, no mention of Heaven is made.

This game is a Batman Gambit by Ninja Theory
With all the heat they're getting for it, it seems possible. Their end goal could be an attempt to receive approval from those that bash them, which will be the ultimate F-U to those people as well.
  • They might succeed but won't if they don't stop bashing on those people with the same "hating on the hair" argument, they use every interview when concerning this game.
    • A week after release, it didn't work if that was case, though the hate on both sides did probably boost sales.

There will be an unlockable costume that will look like what Ninja Theory originally had in mind for Dante
It's already been mentioned that the folks at NT had designs for Dante that looked more like his original self, maybe we'll get an alternate costume out of it.
  • Those were abandoned but you can get their verion of the new Dante white haired and there's up coming DLC with Dante's old outfit with the motion captured face still.

DmC is actually a alternate universe created when the original Dante entered the Marvel Universe.
  • So it's Ultimate to Classic's 616? That explains why Mundus looks like the Kingpin. Dante goes up in the You Fight Like a Cow and Bob Barbas is clearly an expy of J. Jonah Jameson.
    • It's the ultimate universe of DMC but no hint of God-like creator Dante.

The bald man at the end of this trailer is Mundus
If you listen closely to the beginning of the mission of the E3 gameplay footage, there is a man speaking to Dante (who may be the leader of the order, Vergil) and mentions the name Mundus, who, for those that don't know, was the main villain of the original Devil May Cry. There is other evidence to suggest this, as the bald guy clearly hates Sparda and refers to himself as a god.
  • Proven in interview, good guess

This is when Dante and Vergil last met before the events of Devil May Cry 3
Their ages match up, and it is possible that Dante will get the perma white hair and blue eyes by the end of the game, like Vergil. As to why Dante had no qualms about pointing a gun at Vergil's head, it's because of Kat. It is possible that, in order to destroy Limbo, Vergil used Kat as a sacrificial death to cause its destruction near the end of the game, leading to the hostility between the two brothers.
  • Maybe this game is supposed to be the reboot version/equivalent of Devil May Cry 3's storyline. With some DMC 1 thrown in.
  • Proven false, but good guess.

Vergil was adopted by Mundus and is in truth working for him to set Dante up for a fall
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Or he's controlled by Mundus.
  • Proven false, but Vergil did set up Dante a little; however, he loves him and wishes to rule as brothers over humans.

Vergil already has access to his full powers, which is why his hair is white
Because in the original series Vergil already had his devil trigger by the time he and Dante met up, this would be a nice reference to that.
  • It's not clearly said but it might be the case especially as he was able to use abilities on the level of old Vergil and stand up to Dante, who has been fighting his whole life.

Sparda is what powers Limbo
The bio for Vergil says his father had been enslaved, so this seems likely. If so, his death will break the boundary between Earth and Hell.
  • No, it was revealed to be Mundus who upheld the line between.

Marvel vs. Capcom is to blame for the conception of this game but not its success or failure
Think of it this way. Marvel and Capcom crossover, Spider-Man made a Deal with the Devil, his history and the world get altered, so did all the universes connected to the Marvel Multiverse.
  • No, that's impossible as 616 Peter Parker was the only one to make the deal, it would have affected Ultimate Peter Parker who died after making up with MJ.

Vergil is completely good during the entire game
He'll appear ambiguous throughout, but it's mainly to confuse the player. Either that, or...
  • Disproven, at least according to the game's definition of "good".

The game will have Multiple Endings
Depending on choices, Virgil lives or dies.
  • Disproven.

The Tyrant, the Dreamrunner, the Witch, or the Butcher will be a Degraded Boss
Like hell vanguard, some of them appear at first as a boss.
  • Half right with those guesses. There are cutscenes specifically introducing them, with script as well, but they never receive an HP Gauge.

How strong is a tyrant?
  • Tyrant will be a Fake Ultimate Mook: Although the appearance of the tanks is great and awesome, they really are weaker than a Hell vanguard or an Alto angelo.
  • Tyrant will be a Mini-Boss/ Boss in Mook Clothing: A Tyrant will equal or be even stronger than a Hell vanguard or a Blitz.
  • Disproven: They're hella easy to defeat, but they just deal a lot of damage.

There will be a Boss Rush in DMC.
The third and fourth games had them, I do not see this will be an exception.
  • Jossed.

Sparda isn't dead
In the demo, it's stated that Eva was killed by the demons, but Sparda was imprisoned. So, hopefully, Sparda will actually make a appearance in-game.

If there is a sequel, Angels are going to be the new enemy, mostly fallen/renegades, who want Dante destroyed because of his "impurity"
  • Because it would be a missed opportunity for having Dante part angel and not feature at-least some.
    • Always possible.

Sparda will be freed in the next game.
And he'll decide that he should rule the humans.

Vergil will come back... As an ally.
While he and Dante disagreed on the method, both of them wanted to protect humanity. Vergil will aid Dante in defending humans from other threats, after which he try to do what he thinks is necessary to protect humanity from itself.
  • Jossed. Vergil is now the demon king.

Dante and Kat will be in an out and out relationship at the start of the next game.
If this means a 1/4 demon, 1/4 angel and half human hybrid, IDK, but it would be better than previous games where Dante's too cool to fall in love
  • He fell in love with Trish, remember?
  • Dude, Trish is a clone of his mother. Which would make her his...sister? Cloning is confusing, so I'm not even gonna try.

"Vergil's Downfall" will be harder than Dante's campaign.
  • More or less right, Vergil does not regain health when he is in DT and it is harder to get a SSS.

Kat is the Lady of Dm C.

Argosax will appear in the next game.
This time he's a demon king similar to Mundus, only coming from a different part of the world, and he and his servants will try to take over the now demon king-less Limbo City, forcing Dante to protect it from the invading demons.

Wisp and Improsoner are....
It was announced that in the Vergil's Downfall DLC, there will be two new enemies, Wisp and the Improsoner.
  • They are Bosses.
  • They are Regular enemies.
  • They are Degraded bosses
  • They are recurring Bosses
    • The Wisps are regular enemies, while the Imprisoner is a degraded boss.

A Hunter will appear in Vergil's Downfall.
Is mentioned by Mundus that there is more than one Hunter. So it's possible that Vergil will fight against a hunter or even against several hunters.

The Dreamrunners are Nephilims.

The Drekavac was a Noble Top Enforcer/Anti-Villain.

Vergil's foster parents were actually killed by angels.
It would be a good twist I think, and it would make sense that they'd frame demons so to motivate Vergil to take a stand against them. And, let's face it, not all angels are going to be good.

Classic Dante from the original continuity (DMC 2 version specifically) will one day crossover with the DmC continuity
DmC: Devil May Cry was confirmed to take place in an alternate universe (eventually) from that of the games in the original continuity. Interestingly enough, Devil May Cry Volume 2 (which takes place prior to the events of Devil May Cry 2 in the original continuity) features interdimensional travel between parallel universes as an important Plot Device. note 

Therefore Classic Dante might appear by escaping from being trapped in the Demon World at the conclusion of DMC 2 by finding a portal to the Dm C universe. He might be tricked into working for the Big Bad of the game and would also set a contrast between reDante's hotblooded brashness and idealism and Dante's cool, cynical, and professional demeanor.

Alternate!Nero will be the protagonist of the sequel
And in a fit of irony, he's going to start out as a Totally Radical skater punk.
  • I want him to be a black man, no seriously.

This is the end.
The past series was too messed up, and the reboot didn't work out so Capcom is gonna shelf the series for a long time (maybe forever)
  • That would be dumb of them to do because there's still fans willing to buy more Devil May Cry games.
    • But with the rising cost of development it may not be enough, you got to remember not everyone who bought DMC 4 was a devil may cry fan, some might have been turned off to the series. But there is hope

Ebony & Ivory's redesign are due to Limbo
IRL/Normally, they look like the original.

  • We already know from the DLC that Vergil goes over the deep end after arriving in Hell, and it seems the environment is actively appealing to his worse nature. This may sound a little Shin Megami Tensei-ish, but what if Hell actually has a Will of it's own, and it's using the strongest entity available (now Vergil) as it's King (or rather Pawn) to do it's bidding; we've seen it with Vergil, who's to say it wasn't the same with Mundus (no, this is not an attempt to put him in leather pants)?