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Heartwarming: DmC: Devil May Cry
  • Dante's argument against Vergil about ruling humanity:
    Vergil: Humans are frail, they're like children, they need our protection. Not just from others, but from themselves! We - you and I - have saved them.
    Dante: You and I have saved them?
    Vergil: Who else?
    Dante: A human.
    Vergil: Kat was useful but -
    Kat: Useful?
    Dante: Kat saved my life, Kat held out under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat led us through the tower to Mundus' lair. We would've failed twenty times over if it wasn't for her!
  • Kat begging Dante to spare Vergil's life, in spite of his ambitions and cold treatment towards her. Dante even looks somewhat relieved afterward.
  • Kat: I know who you are. You are Dante. Nothing more, and nothing less.
  • Dante carefully and patiently lending Kat an arm to help her walk to where they can better see the aftermath of the battle. His obvious protectiveness and affection is nearly a complete reversal from how dismissive and harsh he originally was with her, and how comfortable she is with accepting his help really speaks to her trust in him.
  • Basically, just every moment in Mission 20.
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