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Heartwarming: Devil Survivor
  • In Atsuro's route, after defeating the Devas, the group heads over to Naoya's apartment to check on the progress he's made with the program. After talking a bit, Atsuro is still wrought with doubt... And then Naoya indirectly acknowledges Atsuro as his right-hand apprentice, a title that had been so far self-proclaimed by Atsuro. Que Atsuro becoming completely motivated to kick the final boss's ass.
  • A good number of Remiel's lines, "I... want to save all of you" being preeminent among them where he shows a real concern and love for humanity, even when other angels like Sariel are enormous pricks.
  • In Amane's 8th day, seeing Naoya, of all people, pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment during the Final Boss was especially touching.
  • Keisuke choosing to join up with the Power Trio at the beginning of Day 3, despite knowing that doing so would bring his death clock down to zero. Not only was he willing to risk dying to help them, he also knew they were the best chance to save Midori, so he decided it was worth the risk.
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