Funny / Devil Survivor

  • One for the English dub early on the 1st day.
    Atsuro: Both my parents are engineers. They work in Silicon Valley. They always ask me if I want to come along, but I never do... My English is too bad.
  • Midori when she gets her COMP.
    Dolly, the Warrior of Love! Magical Punishment is deserved by the ones who prey on the weak!
  • Black Frost is one long string of hilarious one liners:
    VS Babel's 2nd form: I-It transformed, ho? Babel turned into a gigantic churro, hee-ho!
    VS Belberith: It's a meatball! A talking meatball, ho!
    VS Belberith, alternative: Oh-hee-ho! You look like a yummy meatball, ho!
    VS Sariel and Anael: It speaks less sense than me, ho! It's got wings and attitude! Punishment time, ho!
  • Upon trying to help the demons Black Frost is protecting from some demon tamers, Midori tries to convince him to just destroy the comps. Just before agreeing, Midori accidentally gets his Verbal Tic rubbed on her.
    Midori: No ho,!
    • Black Frost's reply to Midori's plea to not hurt the demon tamers is equally priceless:
      Black Frost: Ho? But they're hee-horrible! I can't magical punishment them, ho?
  • When, on Day 3, Keisuke wants to save Midori but Atsuro takes it the wrong way and thinks there's something going on between them. Keisuke doesn't take it too well.
  • At one point, it is revealed that Amane fought off a demon long before demons could be as readily summoned as the COMPs allow. When Atsuro asks you how that could be possible, you can respond: "because Amane's a total badass!"
    • Once Atsuro tries to point out that you can't do that, the MC changes from his smirking battle pose to his sad out-of-battle pose.
  • If you get Mari's bag back and talk to her but refuse to give it to her, Yuzu and Atsuro will smack the MC. Cue sadface from the protagonist. It's Dude, Not Funny! from a gameplay standpoint though, because if you were trying to rescue her, you're locked into letting her die unless you reload an earlier save.
  • During the last day, on most routes, just before the Very Definitely Final Dungeon, the protagonists get all pumped...only to wear themselves out by climbing the 53-floor building of the place. The only ones who don't complain are Midori and Naoya.
  • When you're trying to save Kaido from the SDF, he tells them to leave him alone. The Hero has a second choice to say "But we LOVE you!"
  • If you agree at first to accept Naoya's big plan during his route on the evening of Day 6, a startled Yuzu asks you if you're sure. If you choose to think some more on it, Naoya says: "...Damn it, [[name]]. Women will be the death of you. I'll be waiting for you here."
  • When asked if one of the Devas was enshrined in Omotesando, choosing the incorrect answer makes Amane correct the answer. Cue Atsuro congratulating the protagonist for not making him look bad, and the protagonist looking sad for failing afterwards.
  • Right after defeating all the Devas in Gin's route, Atsuro asks the protagonist if there's something they need to do first before heading for Roppongi. A second choice to choose is "Bathroom break". If you REALLY choose it, Atsuro scolds the protagonist to hurry up.
  • One that's only present in Overclocked, made even funnier by the fact that Overclocked is voice-acted and Honda says it in such a cheerful and matter-of-fact way:
    Honda (having just saved the party from being taken in as terrorists by the SDF): Hello, terrorists. Looks like you were in a pinch there. Try to be more careful next time.
    • Naturally, Atsuro flips out on him.
  • The entire conversation with Kaido on Day 2, after you’ve witnessed his argument with Mari. He begins with threatening you over seeing said argument, then mocks your relationship (or lack of it) with Yuzu, no matter what you answer. He then asks for relationship advice because you kinda look like a player ("no offense") and the conversation ends with Kaido thanking you for the help and promising to rip those weird headphones off your skull if you ever say a word about this to "redhead" and "nerdlinger".
  • On the 5th Day, after you’ve successfully helped defeat Kudlak, Midori will say it’s the perfect time to come up with a name for your 'league of justice'. The three options are "Demon Rangers", "Summon Rangers" or… "Not happening". Pick the last one and the protagonist will say it with his sadface.
    • Pick one of the other two and Yuzu will chastise you for encouraging Midori.
  • The 1-star Toubyou says "We're a value pack!".
  • On Yuzu's 8th day, if you don't bother to rescue Kaido from the SDF, he later appears in Fushimi's custody. When the protagonist goads him into lending a hand, he agrees in his own... special way.
    Kaido: Hey, pig. Give me my COMP back.
  • In the manga, when Beldr realizes who screwed him over, again, he turns around and sees the Gigolo who's actually Loki cheerfully wave.
  • Also in the manga, Kazuya successfully seals away Babel and the demons from the human dimension, returning home against all odds... and then Atsuro informs him it's the last day of summer vacation and that school starts the next day.