Trivia: Devil Survivor

  • All-Star Cast: Overclocked has a lot of notable anime voice actors in the cast.
  • Fan Nickname: DeSu for the game itself, dBay for the devil auctioning.
  • Lying Creator: Overclocked was billed as having an 8th day for each path. Now the game is out, and how many of the 6 endings got an epilogue? Three. Technically four as Kaido shares Naoya's path. Meanwhile, Gin's and Atsuro's endings can be excused due to the fact that they involve banishing both demons and angels one way or another.
  • No Export for You: Was never released outside of Japan and North America. Since the DS is region-free importing is perfectly possible, though.
    • Averted regarding Overclocked. Ghostlight is taking care of that one in Europe. It can still be hard to find copies of the game in stores, but luckily the game is also available for download in the eShop.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Overclocked gets this.
    • Neptune becomes a demon tamer, but she pretty much regrets the job (Yuzu).
    • One event has a thug arguing that power is all he ever needs to live a decent life at least. That would be Gig, who went from pestering players to use his power in his game, to getting his own with a COMP and bragging about its uses in here.