Video Game: Ultimate Crab Battle

A Shmup Flash game by Felix Weisner, available here.

The player controls Bobbeh the magical shark and his boy companion (unnamed) in an Underwater Boss Battle fight to the death against their mortal enemy, the Giant King Crab, in the final-est climactic-est ultimate-est final battle to ever come at the end of anything. The eponymous crab pulls out every stop in this fight, attacking with lasers, swordfish, electrified spikes, helmeted jellyfish, fast-growing coral, and increasingly overelaborate attack sequences, each one sillier than the last. It is, quite simply, a parody of the bombastic, flashy, theatrical Final Boss battles in many recent videogames.

Has nothing to do with this.

In the blue coooorner (Bobbeh & boy tropes):

And, in the red coooorner (Giant King Crab tropes):...But, funnily enough, NOT: