Video Game / The X-Files: Resist or Serve
The X-Files: Resist or Serve is a survival horror game for the PlayStation 2 video game console, based on the television series The X-Files and released in 2004, three years after the final season of the television series.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson voiced their characters from the show, Agents Mulder and Scully.


  • Adventure Towns: The agents travel to a small town in the Rocky Mountains to dig into the source of some strange and unexplained murders.
  • Burn the Witch!: One storyline features Mulder and Scully travelling to small town to prevent several girls' execution in this manner.
  • Myth Arc: The game follows the show's established mythology, including the elements of alien colonization and the "black oil" (also known as Purity or the Black Cancer).
  • Shout-Out: See the sub-page listing shout-outs from the whole franchise.