Video Game / Bomberman Max

Bomberman Max is a short series of portable games in the Bomberman franchise. The games take a few cues from Pokémon: each game has two playable versions, a Blue version (starring Bomberman) and a Red version (starring newcomer MAX), and both versions must be played in order to unlock every level and Charabom. The Charaboms can also be battled in multiplayer.

The games change up the classic Bomberman formula somewhat. The game is laid out in a grid format with destructible blocks and enemies; however at the beginning of every level, Dr. Ein gives the player an objective that must be completed in order to progress. The objectives may include defeating every enemy, defeating a certain type of enemy, or rescuing a Charabom, among others. When the objective is completed an EXIT signal will appear, allowing the player to progress. The game is non-linear, and the player can travel between different levels via blue portals, which lead to new areas, or red portals, which lead to previously-completed levels.

Games in this series include:

These games provide examples of: