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Hi! I am a prepublished author and if you want to read my books you can go here to my Bookrix account. One of them was third runner up in a contest!

About me? I like chess, drawing, reading, writing, playing videoes and of course troping my works!

My favorite websites are and

Okay, some more stuff.
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    My Favorite Tropes 
    My Least Favorite Tropes 
    Notable works in progress 
  • Sanmalari: A fantasy about a girl (Tera) who gets mistaken for a powerful being.
  • Mahō no Hogosha!: A Magical Girl Warrior series about protecting magic and fighting evil.
  • E-MAnga!: A Slice of Life manga about a girl (Rumi) who repeats the ninth grade.. Her little sister (Kui) skips two years to join her.
  • Absurdity Ascents An upcoming web series}} about a girl who gets a powerful universal remote and the absurd events that surround it.