Hi! I am a [[{{InsistentTerminology}} prepublished author]] and if you want to read my books you can go [[http://www.bookrix.com/-tal.lingenua here to my Bookrix account]]. [[{{Literature/ElisList}} One]] of them was third runner up in a contest!\\
About me? I like chess, drawing, reading, writing, playing videoes and of course troping my works!\\
My favorite websites are Bookrix.com and tvtropes.org\\
Okay, some more stuff.
[[folder:My Favorite Tropes]]
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: I laughed the first time and [[{{BlatantLies}}I still laugh every time I see it.]]
* BeamMeUpScotty: I never knew that was a misquote until I read this page.
* BigDamnHeroes: One of the coolest quotes of all time.
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Who ''doesn't'' like awesome moments?
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: It saves time.
* MyNameIsInigoMontoya: [[{{RuleOfCool}} Coolest.]] [[{{PunctuatedForEmphasis}} Most.]] [[{{Badass}} Badass.]] [[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} Moment.]] [[{{AllBlueEntry}} Ever!]]
* PeopleSitInChairs: I know it's [[{{NotATrope}} not a trope]], but I love the title. (Plus the picture is [[{{RuleOfFunny}} funny.]])
* WhatYouAreInTheDark: One of the coolest quotes of all time.
[[folder:My Least Favorite Tropes]]
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: You did know there's another gender right? I happily [[{{DefiedTrope}} defy]] and [[{{InvertedTrope}} invert]] this [[{{PlayingWithTropes}} trope]]. ([[{{FreudWasRight}} and NOT for the reason you think...]])
* SinkHole: I hate them so much I removed them from my page.
* {{Natter}}: You know we all hate it.
[[folder:Notable works in progress]]
* ''Sanmalari'': A fantasy about a girl (Tera) who gets mistaken for a powerful being.
* ''Mahō no Hogosha!'': A MagicalGirlWarrior series about protecting magic and fighting evil.
* ''[=E-MAnga=]!'': A SliceOfLife manga about a girl (Rumi) who [[{{HeldBackInSchool}} repeats the ninth grade.]]. Her little sister (Kui) skips two years to join her.
* ''Absurdity Ascents'' An upcoming [[{{WebAnimation}} web series}}]] about a girl who gets a powerful universal remote and the absurd events that surround it.