Tropers / Metalman J Wily

You can call me Mets, Metty, Mitz, or Mitzen, but don't you dare call me Shirley because I've got a sawblade with your name on it.

I'm that really Mega Man-obsessed troper. You know. The one who can always find a reason to insert Megaman into a trope or a trope into something related to Megaman. I'm also a King of Fighters junkie and an Old Kingdom Series geek so if you see something related to those, I may have had a hand in it.

Current age? 24.

Who/What am I?

Soulbonder. Most of my bonds are, unsurprisingly, from King of Fighters and Megaman. I have a few outside there like Rai-Dei from Trigun, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, and a whole legion of dark-type pokemon. Perhaps one of my closest soulbonds is Turbo Man from Mega Man 7. He's actually a nice guy once you get past the whole "working for Wily" thing and the whole "trying to kill Mega Man thing".

Fan Fic writer. I write a ton of fanfic. Not linking you to my or Deviantart accounts because I don't feel like being a shameless whore about it.

Roleplayer. I'm addicted to roleplaying. Especially a Mega Man Classic RP known as Robotic Uprising.

One more thing that I won't mention here. PM me if you really must know.

My Fandoms

  • Mega Man (Classic AKA Original) — Obviously, or my handle wouldn't be related to one of my favorite Robot Masters. My favorite games in the series would be Mega Man 2, Mega Man 5, and Mega Man V Gameboy AKA Rockman World 5. A few of my Mega Man obsessions:
    • Metal Man. He is made of love, metal (obviously), and sawblades. He's a very special part of Mega Man to me...for reasons I can't explain here. And none of them involve me being in love with him because I'm not in love with Metal Man.
    • Bubble Man, AKA Sexy Mc Bubble, Bubblepudgers Mc Hottie, Doctor Wily Number 011, Stupid Sexy Bubble Man. Admittedly, I am in love with this mofo. But if any other fangirl wants to claim she is, that's fine. I won't be possessive like a [[Yandere]] fangirl would be.
    • The Stardroids. Also known as awesome alien robots. They make me squee. A lot. almost as much as Bubble Man.
  • King of Fighters — The greatest fighting game ever, mk?
  • Pokemon — More on this later. I'm too lazy to list my love of it after going on a Mega Man rant earlier.

Tropes I associate with myself