Tropers / Markovich

Long time lurker (survived The End of the World as We Know It in the local sense, alias The Great Crash) and occasional contributor.

also, the name should be all lowercase.

Has an unhealthy obsession with Yuri.

Forced into making an account due to the new Safe-for-Google policy.

Currently haunt the Playing With Wiki realm.

Has contributed majorly to the following pagesnote :

Haven't launched any page in the Main namespace. Launched a few in the Playing With namespace.

This Troper is an excellent example of:

This Troper's life has provided, is providing, or is likely to provide excellent examples of:

  • Cosmic Horror Story: No, it's not that this troper is regularly having tea with Cthulhu and gossipping about the latest scandals in Azathoth's court. It's just this troper was hit with the realization about the cold, uncaring universe when this troper was, like, 7 years old. Combined with this troper's inept social skills, this troper feels a serious detachment from "other people's reality". This troper is sometimes terrified of people who put so much effort in their lives: are they mad, or is this troper mad? If the other people are indeed mad, then this trope lives an extremely terrifying place. If it's this troper instead who is mad... well, that's not a consolation.
  • Crapsack Crapsaccharine World: Climate chaos destroying the world? Let's watch Anime!
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Since this troper believes in God and the Judgement Day...

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