Tropers / Ladyofprocrastination

I'm a sort of a Meganekko (YMMV about the "cute" part of the definition), brimming with Petite Pride!

Also a bit of a Serial Tweaker. Sorry.

I'd consider myself both a Lumper and a Splitter, if that makes sense. The more Sub Tropes and Super Tropes we've got, the better, in my opinion!

I'm a prime example of Nerds Are Virgins, but not Innocence Virgin On Stupidity. The internet has corrupted my soul! Or at least my brain.

I'm Proud to Be a Geek, think Nerds Are Sexy, and saw Star Wars far more than 27 times.

I'm also as close as you can get to a Walking Techbane without causing Explosive Instrumentation.

I swing back and forth between Big Eater and Forgets to Eat depending on my mood.

I tend to mix Buffy Speak with Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.

I think in tropes.