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Greetings, civilians! Thy namesake is Evie, and I am here to please. It is currently 7:30 in the morning and I have been awake since 4:00. Doing what, you may ask? ... and if you really did ask, are you stupid?

TV Tropes is one of the most addicting websites I have ever discovered, and that really is saying a lot. Nothing bad, of course. Nothing bad could be said about TV Tropes. It is the greatest website in the world!

I'm really having fun with this linkage thing. It's very entertaining.

Anyway, yeah, my name is Evie. I watch cartoons, read fanfiction, and I'm really cool. I like to do a lot of stuff. It would take a really long time to list of of that. But what I will list is a bunch of Tropes that apply directly to my personality. :D!

Tropes represented by this Troper:

Will contribute when necessary. And when mini-epiphanies strike. Nice meeting you folks. :3