Trivia / Zulu

  • Banned in China: The South African apartheid regime only allowed white audiences to see the film because it was thought that it might encourage the blacks to rebel. Eventually, the regime agreed to allow a special screening for the black extras who had been in the movie.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: "Suddenly, Zulus! Thousands of them!"
  • Executive Meddling: While untrue, rumors circulated this a governmental level. The film company was forbidden to actually pay the Zulus acting as extras, under apartheid laws. Director Cy Enfield, who'd struck up a friendship with the Zulus acting in the film, was upset with this and decided to leave them the cattle used in the film, more valuable to them than money. In actuality the Zulu extras were paid, just less than the white stars, with the main group of Zulu paid 9 shillings, extras paid 8 shillings, and the female dancers paid slightly less.
  • Playing Against Type: Michael Caine, who would go on to play working class Cockney characters throughout his career, plays a snobby aristocratic officer with a posh accent in this movie — his first.
  • Star-Making Role: For Michael Caine.