Heartwarming / Zulu

  • It's probably out of place but the ending, when the Zulu sing praise for the defenders and leave was a pretty heartwarming moment. As the translator of the group said they were "Saluting fellow braves." And after they've all left, one lingered a moment longer to give the defenders one last salute. Historically, this never happened and the Zulu only left when the British received reinforcements.
  • Sergeant Bourne reciting Psalm 46:
    Bourne: "There's one, might've been written for a soldier...'He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder...The Lord of Hosts is with us.'"
  • A meta example. Because of the apartheid laws in South Africa at the time of filming, director Cy Endfield was forbidden from paying the Zulu extras at an equal rate to the other actors. He got around this by giving them all the animals used in the production, which were a lot more valuable to them than the money would have been.
  • Bromhead encouraging the wounded Chard, especially considering how they've interacted up until now:
    Bromhead: "Now listen, old boy; you're not badly hurt. We need you! Damn you, we need you, understand?!"