Trivia / To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

  • Old Shame: According to Swayze's memoir, Snipes hated his role so much, he burned Noxeema's costume as soon as shooting ended.
  • Playing Against Type: Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes as Drag Queens. Enough said.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Michael Vartan of Alias and Hawthorne fame plays the roughneck who gets schooled in chivalry by Noxeema.
  • Shown Their Work: The actors spent some time in New York City's drag scene to help get into their roles.
  • Technology Marches On: It's a big plot point when Vida ditches the road map after being blown off by her mother, as Chi-Chi wonders how they'll get to LA. And when the car breaks down, they have no idea where they are. Had the movie been a little more contemporary, the girls would have most likely had smartphones with Google Maps, or a standalone GPS.
  • Troubled Production: Swayze grew weary of Leguizamo endlessly joking between sets and barked at him to shut up, triggering an epic stare-down between the two men... while still in full costume. Swayze laughed about it afterward.