Funny / To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

  • When the ladies reluctantly enter a hotel, they're delighted to be told by the manager that 'their friends' are already there. They enter the dining room, expecting find numerous other drag queens, and instead come upon a conference of female basketball players. Gilligan Cut to Noxie playing a game with them the next day. Even more hilarious is that while playing, she is acting very much like a Girly Girl while the others are behaving as serious athletes.
  • When a group of roughnecks whistle at the ladies of the town, Noxie walks up to the ringleader, grabs him by the balls ("Like my nails?"), and forces him to approach the women with respect.
  • This conversation during the Awesome moment:
    ChiChi: Carol Anne, there's something you should know about Vida, mami. Well...
    Noxie: Vida works out. Vida works out, yeah...
    ChiChi: A lot.
    Cue Vida pushing Virgil out the door, without even for a moment losing her feminine dignity.