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Trivia: Thief
  • Completely Different Title: Overlaps with Market-Based Title in a few places.
    • Germany
      • Dark Project : Der Meisterdieb ("Dark Project : The Master Thief")
      • Dark Project - Der Meisterdieb : Directors Cut Premier Collection (yes, it's Thief Gold)
      • Dark Project II: The Metal Age
    • France
      • Dark Project : La guilde des voleurs ("Dark Project : The Guild of Thieves")
      • Dark Project II: L'Age de Métal ("Dark Project II: The Age of Metal")
      • Dark Project III: Deadly Shadows
    • Italy
      • Dark Project : L'Ombra del Ladro ("Dark Project : The Shadow Thief")
    • Russia
      • Thief 3: Тень смерти' ("Thief 3: The Shadow of Death")
    • Poland
      • Thief 3: Zlowieszcze Cienie ("Thief 3: Ominous Shadows")
  • Dummied Out:
    • Several overheard conversations were removed from the final releases, but probably the most interesting is one that actually describes what "taffer" means, at least in the Thiefverse. Apparently, it's yet another name for the Trickster that entered the common parlance without people realizing it.
    • Another dummied out feature was the multiplayer, planned for already the first game, but only implemented into the second one. And even then, the game shipped without the multiplayer feature being playable. After years of modding attempts, the multiplayer feature was restored and polished enough to be decently playable. While Thief multiplayer matches aren't a very frequent occurence, they are played by some of the fans from time to time.
    • A collection of several other features, concepts and NPCs that didn't make it into the final games can be seen here.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Thief fans are simply "Taffers", based on the fictional cussword used for the setting's thieves and general low-lifes.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Stephen Russell voices Garrett, Benny the Dumb Guard, one particular type of cranky old Hammerite, the homeless former opera house manager Raoul, many of the commoner NPCs... but also Karras and his robots. Outside of Thief, Russell has also voiced the likes of XERXES, captain William Diego and some of The Many in System Shock 2, Harold the mutated tree guy in Fallout 3, and Mercer Frey, Cynric Endell, Barbas, Belethor and many others in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In a nod to Russell's roles in Thief, Mercer and Cynric from Skyrim are members of the Thieves Guild, and Harold from Fallout 3 has an accent very reminescent to the signature accent Russell used for Benny the Dumb Guard.
    • Terri Brosius voices Viktoria. Even more famously, she voices SHODAN in the CD version of System Shock and reprises her role in System Shock 2. L-l-look at you, troper. Now you know who voices one of gaming's most famous villains.
    • Besides Russell and Brosius, TDP and TMA shared several other voice actors with System Shock 2, since they were hired by (or working at) Looking Glass Studios at the time. Some examples:
      • Dr. Marc Miller(Bill Farquhar) is also a guard NPC in TMA.
      • Fred Galpern voices some of the mages in Thief Gold and Malone and the Hacker in System Shock 2.
      • Translator Caduca from TMA (Esra Gaffin) is also none other than Janice Polito, Erin Bloome, Rebecca Siddons and a few other female (Midwife) and alien characters (The Many) in SS 2.
      • Jennivere (Karen Saltus) from TMA is also SS 2's Angela Loesser, Constance Sanger and the OSA Recruiter.
      • Taz Amanpour (Josh Randall) is also the voice of the Keeper Instructors in TDP.
      • Brother Murus (Randy Smith) from TDP is Croker in SS 2.
  • Podcast
    • Looking Glass Studios has one dedicated to its legacy in game development history. It includes interviews with the Thief's and System Shocks creators. They can be found here.
    • Since the early history of Irrational Games is linked with Looking Glass Studios, the first episode of IG's podcast Irrational Behaviour was dedicated to the role some of the LGS/IG developers played in the making of the earlier System Shock game and the making of the Thief series. For the particular bit of the episode that discusses Thief, go here.
  • One of Us : Terry Pratchett has admitted to being a fan of this particular game series, often even playing many of the fan-made missions.
  • Urban Legends Of Zelda: The infamous Bow Upgrade that was supposedly hidden somewhere in the first game. This is an old Running Gag that became Hilarious in Hindsight when newly released screenshots and footage of Thief IV came out, showing a more steampunkish compound bow, rather than the simpler one that Garrett used in the previous games. As many fans have noted, Garrett seems to have finally found that long sought-after upgrade !
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The whole series might have never seen the light of day if the developers at Looking Glass Studios decided to stick with their original Dark Camelot concept (started around 1996). It was basically an innovative RPG set in a Darker and Edgier inversion of the Arthurian mythos, full of Alternative Character Interpretation of classic Arthurian characters (for one, Mordred was actually the protagonist and was more morally ambiguous than evil). While still an interesting action-adventure game, Dark Camelot mostly had little to do with stealth gameplay mechanics. Thankfully, part of the reason why LGS decided to risk it with remaking the game into a fully fledged stealth title (with a completely different, if thematically similar setting and protagonist), was because the Dark Engine couldn't handle swordfighting physics too well and most missions consisted of breaking in into castles or manors of the enemy factions. Those two increasingly problematic aspects of the gameplay gave the devs an idea... After slightly more than a year of intensive rebuilding of some of the core mechanics and concepts of the game, the The Dark Project finally got finished. After some early trailers got released and most bugs got fixed, the game underwent one final rename : To Thief : The Dark Project. And the rest is history...
    • An archived version of the website with a development log and news about the first game can be read here. An archived version of the first game's original promotional website is here.
    • Thief II Gold, planned before Looking Glass Studios went under. A journal by a designer hints towards a mission going up against necromancers, and another planned during an active raid. There have been repeated attempts at a Fan Remake of sorts, utilizing what has been preserved or documented about these unfinished missions to create a string or campaign made up of them, as an ersatz replacement for the unreleased expansion pack or Gold edition. So far, only one such recreation of an unmade mission has been finished and made available for download. The remake project has currently entered yet another hiatus.

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