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Trivia: The Young Ones
  • Acting for Two: Alexei Sayle appeared as several members of the Balowski family.
    • Ben Elton appeared as the host of Nozin' Around and as one of the Footlights as well as the guy in the beer commercial and one of the Grange Hill kids.
    • Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders played two different characters in "Interesting" and "Time".
  • Actor Allusion: In the episode University Challenge the challengers from "Footlights College, Oxbridge" are played by Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Emma Thompson. Thompson, Fry and Laurie know each other from their time in the Footlights Club at Cambridge University, and the plotline was inspired by Fry's appearance on the real University Challenge in his student days. "Bambi", whose bias toward Footlights College drives this part of the plot, is played by Griff Rhys Jones, who was also in the Footlights Club. (The real life Bamber Gascoigne was a member in the 1950s too.)
  • The Danza: Rik Mayall as Rick.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • A very young Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Ben Elton as the Upper-Class Twit team in "Bambi". Elton also appeared in the pilot episode as the host on Nozin' Around.
    • Terry Jones as the drunk vicar in the episode "Nasty".
    • Hale & Pace as the grave-diggers.
    • Lenny Henry as the fascist postman in the last episode, "Summer Holiday".
    • Jennifer Saunders as Helen Mucus ("Time") and again in "Interesting" as Sue, and Dawn French as the Easter Bunny, the Christian who barges into the house before getting squashed by a giant sandwich and Satan.
    • Paul Merton makes a very brief appearance as a yokel in "Time".
    • Robbie Coltrane as a bouncer in the second episode, "Oil", and a scientist is one of the odd asides.
      • He's also the pirate Captain Blood, in Time.
    • Griff Rhys Jones as 'Bambi' Gascoine, alongside Mel Smith as the front-desk guard.
    • Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Blackadder) as Dr Not-the-nine-o-clock-news.
    • Norman Lovett (the first Holly in Red Dwarf) owned the penny arcade across the road. Chris Barrie appeared as a Napoleonic sailor in an animated painting.
    • The list goes on. It was chock-full of cameos, all of which are listed in the end credits of the last episode.

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