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Trivia: The Young Ones
  • Acting for Two: Alexei Sayle appeared as several members of the Balowski family.
    • Ben Elton appeared as the host of Nozin' Around and as one of the Footlights.
    • Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders played two different characters in "Interesting" and "Time".
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • A very young Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Ben Elton as the Upper-Class Twit team in "Bambi". Elton also appeared in the pilot episode as the host on Nozin' Around.
    • Terry Jones as the drunk vicar in the episode "Nasty".
    • Hale & Pace as the grave-diggers.
    • Lenny Henry as the fascist postman in the last episode, "Summer Holiday".
    • Jennifer Saunders as Helen Mucus ("Time") and again in "Interesting" as Rihannon, and Dawn French as the Easter Bunny and Satan.
    • Paul Merton makes a very brief appearance as a yokel in "Time".
    • Robbie Coltrane as a bouncer in the second episode, "Oil", and a scientist is one of the odd asides.
      • He's also the pirate Captain Blood, in Time.
    • Griff Rhys Jones as 'Bambi' Gascoine, alongside Mel Smith as the front-desk guard.
    • Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Blackadder) as Dr Not-the-nine-o-clock-news.
    • Norman Lovett (the first Holly in Red Dwarf) owned the penny arcade across the road. Chris Barrie appeared as a Napoleonic sailor in an animated painting.
    • The list goes on. It was chock-full of cameos, all of which are listed in the end credits of the last episode.

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