Heartwarming / The Young Ones

  • Vyvyan actually being upset over SPG's death, even if it's in a somewhat Black Comedy way.
  • In "Flood", Neil comes back from the shops while it's pissing it down with rain. While he forgot breakfast, he rescued several kittens on the way.
  • The audience goes "awww" when Neil reveals it's his birthday. None of the guys care, but still.
  • Vyvyan actually introducing Mike and Neil as his friends in "Bored", especially considering he usually attacks Neil almost as much as he does Rick.
  • One on a meta level, taking hints from this and Bottom. What did people do when Rik Mayall died? Left memorials for The Peoples' Poet in Hammersmith, near where Bottom was filmed, and did so as an actual shrine to him.