Awesome / The Young Ones

  • Rick stealing a bus in "Summer Holiday". In the same way, him accidentally foiling a real bank raid during their own bank raid and getting loads of money, despite the fact he held the guy (referred to as "Mr real robber") up with a water pistol.
    • It's notable primarily because he's so bloody useless throughout the series at anarchy, and then manages to pull off a stunt that big and finally fulfil his anti-social dreams.
  • In "Bambi", Vyvyan shouting, "I'm completely bloody sick of this!" and kicking through the stand into one of the posh kid's heads, then shouting "Achtung!" and throwing a grenade down - blowing up the Rich Idiots from Footlights College, before demanding, "Give us some easy ones, Bambi! You big bottom-boil!"
    • Compounded by Rik actually being useful for once and changing the question cards. Even though they all get crushed by a giant eclair seconds later, they got one up over both the BBC and the Oxbridge brigade running University Challenge. No wonder it's one of the best-remembered moments in the series.
  • Vyvyan's very first appearance in the first episode, as listed in the moment of funny page.
  • Neil actually standing up to Rick's verbal abuse (egged on by Vyvyan) in "Nasty", although it was short-lived.