Trivia / The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

  • Fan Nickname: When the president appeared, immediate comparisons were drawn to Nick Fury, and she was jokingly dubbed Nicola Fury.
  • Inspiration for the Work
    • Hastings insists that King Radical was not inspired by the Burger King, but by King Boo riding a dirt bike in a Mario Kart game.
    • Ron Wizard was originally Hastings's character in City of Heroes.
  • Old Shame: Issue One Half. It's on the site, even listed in the archives, and McNinja's lawyer from that issue makes a brief return in "The End Part One", but the reader is begged not to actually read it first.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Based on a series of recurring nightmares Kent the inker experienced and in his tenure, he refused to ink any page with Knickerbocker in it, which had Hastings do it instead. It is poor.
  • Shrug of God: Hastings doesn't know how the Robster gets his suit over his claws.
  • What Could Have Been: The name and premise of the comic come from Chris Hastings' username on the Something Awful forums. Before he settled on Dr. McNinja, he was going to use the name "Dr. McNuggets." One can only imagine how that comic would've turned out.
  • Write What You Know: Given that Chris Hastings grew up in Cumberland, Maryland, it isn't surprising that all the major details about the city correct (excluding all the cool stuff).