Tear Jerker: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

  • In the middle of the weirdness and hilarity, we get this. Holy shit, Mongo.
  • And now this.
  • Here, Mitzi misses with both sais at ridiculously short range. She cannot bring herself to kill her own son, even if his soul has been devoured by the ghost wizard. (Happily, it has not.)
  • The death of Herschel.
  • The death of Grandpa McNinja. The Ironic Echo is just painful.
    • Rather tellingly, the alt text for this particular strip basically says that they honestly couldn't think of anything funny to say.
    • Almost worse is the next page.
    Dan: Where's dad?
    • Doc's final thoughts for the arc are depressing as all hell. Sitting on that exact cliff years later, he just says one thing.
    Doc: I hate magic. I hate ghosts.
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