Nightmare Fuel: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

  • Time it right and you could reach the bottom of the page, look away for some reason or another (perhaps to drink your water or soda or whatever), and when you look back, your screen's coated with whatever you drank. Because you spit it all out in shock.
  • There is a disease that Dr. McLuchador called "trasero de noctarana", in which a man's buttocks literally turns into a giant spider after midnight.
    Alt Text: I threw up four times while drawing this page.
  • The Nasaghasts. Especially when they're first summoned.
  • A peek into the future.
    Doc: I don't remember this.
  • The real Knife Eye Attack. It's not wearing knives over your eyes... it's seeing everything, absolutely everything, as knives. Think about it. Seeing the normally calm Dan McNinja utterly terrified is kind of a shock.
    Dan: Get away from me! You're made out of knives! He's turned everything into- (Mitzi knocks him out for his own safety)
  • Eep.
  • Heeeeyyyy, could you come by? I think I caught a bug or something.
    • When King Rad's doing something cool, he usually has a suave grin on his face. In "A Cumberland Doctor in King Radical's Court", though, a lot of his smiles are turning into Slasher Smiles, especially when he's revealed that he's been killing people for his ritual.
  • Hey? Are you an average Joe in the Doc's universe? Too bad. King Radical has decided that you're not cool enough to exist in his new Radical Lands, and you will be killed so someone cooler can take your very existence.
  • The White House Nega-Zone. It's an ancient magical security system designed to trap intruders by playing off their own fears. But because everyone's so different, the Nega-Zone has to use easily understood symbols. So, sometimes you get stuff like the fear of death, and sometimes you get your teenaged sidekick.
    • In addition, the Nega-Zone works, draining you of all sense of self and trapping you forever, as this poor sofa can testify.
    • Not to mention that the ancient spirit running the whole thing is a little bitter about his current job.
  • Doc's face when he snaps and says "NO. NO MORE CHUCKS". That is not how his eyes are supposed to look.
  • Oh god, Ghost Wizards have teeth.
  • Remember Knickerbockers, the midget that the old inker, Kent, had nightmares of? He's gone viral and not in the "popular on the internet" way.
  • Of all the scary, frightening things that villains have done throughout this comic's run, there's usually (not always, but usually) a comedic side to their crimes, no matter how gruesome. Not this time. There's no Rule of Funny or Rule of Awesome coming into play, as the world of Dr. Mc Ninja is known for. No, this time a villain simply detonates a building full of innocents with a smile on his face. In a world of such over-the-top extremes, the last thing you'd expect is something that could happen in real life.
    • To be more specific, King Radical's first act after taking over the presidency is blowing up The United States Congress. Here is the page in question. There are major spoilers, of course, so view at your own risk.
  • Mc Bonald and Frans decides to do a commercial to sully the reputations of Ninjas that involves Frans ripping a poor guy in a ninja costume in half. Not a case of Evil Is Petty, it's just that Mc Bonald and Frans are so scared of King Radical that they're doing anything they can to get on his good side.
  • Doc knocking one of his own teeth out. On purpose.