Trivia / Tales of Eternia

  • Bad Export for You: You're North American? Shame you'll never get any translated skits. What, half the plot and characterization depends on the skits? Too bad.
    • This was understandable due to how skits were first used. Destiny and Eternia had the skits fully voiced with no text; unlike Symphonia, where they just had them silent, there was no way to translate them for the English version.
    • Except to this date, even with Europe getting Eternia's Updated Re-release years later, there have been no translated story skits, and the hint skits (telling you simple things like where to go) were translated in the original release.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In America. To date, the game has never been put up on any digital distribution service (even when some of its contemporaries have), and while Japan and, oddly, Europe got the PSP remake, North America never saw a release of it. Playing the game today requires either importing a European PSP release, paying what is likely an exorbitant amount of money (up to 250$) for the PS1 release, or less savory methods.