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Trivia: Tales of Eternia
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In America. To date, the game has never been put up on any digital distribution service (even when some of its contemporaries have), and while Japan and, oddly, Europe got the PSP remake, North America never saw a release of it. Playing the game today requires either importing a European PSP release, paying what is likely an exorbitant amount of money for the PS1 release, or less savory methods.
  • Names to Know in Anime:
  • Shout-Out: Lots and lots - Eternia's one of those games.
    • Summon Destiny. It summons the main heroes of Tales of Destiny to perform their Limit Breaks on an enemy. The object itself is also Stahn's sword Dymlos.
    • Other Namco characters, notably Klarth F. Lester from Tales of Phantasia and the Swordian Clemente from Tales of Destiny, give the Pop Quizzes in Mintche University.
    • The list of "Missing Books" in said university - all weapons used by Klarth.
    • Cless (and, optionally, Arche) in the arena. The reward for beating him is the Eternal Sword and Cless' Headband.
    • The Summon of Time. Not at all Dhaos, the Big Bad of Tales of Phantasia, right down to the attacks and battle music. There's even a special event if you finish him with Indignation.
      • Complete with a glorious Crowning Moment Of Awesome where Keele or Meredy will recite the Indignation incantation and hit Sekundes for 100,000 damage.
      Keele/Meredy: Heavens light, shine upon thee! Gates of Hell, open your passage! Strike, lightning of the Heavens! Indignation!
    • In preparation for Celsius' mountain, your characters have to buy winter wear, and you can have some of the characters try on weird things. One of them is the Thief costume, which you can have Farah try out - it's Rutee's getup from Tales of Destiny. Farah even references Rutee before rejecting the costume (for obvious reasons, since you're climbing a mountain in a blizzard).
    • Mint, the White Magician Girl in Tales of Phantasia, is the angel that revives your characters when you cast Resurrection. The background during the spell also show a close-up of her opening her eyes, straight from the animation of Phantasia's opening theme.
    • In the same sense, Arche the Squishy Wizard shows up in one of the spell animations to blast your enemies with meteors. There's also a way to temporarily turn either one of your mages into her Unexpected SHMUP Level incarnation from PS1 version of Tales of Phantasia, allowing them to fly around the screen and shoot the enemies with spells.
    • You can get Stahn's trademark Deck Brush if you poke around your Cool Ship.
    • Speaking of non-Tales Of related cameos, an optional dungeon (which contains an essential part of the Global Airship ) sports Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse, the undead samurai from Genpei Toma Den and spirit world statues from Shadowland, not to mention that one of the Bonus Bosses is the Valkyrie from The Legend of Valkyrie (her dungeon even has the same music from the first level of that game).
    • The equipment shop in Barole has a genuine suit of Cless's armor, cape and all, hanging on the side. It's easy to miss.
    • The Water Craymel Lab has a shoutout to Phantasia that you can find once you get Keele in your party.
      "If evil exists in the world, Craymels are at the heart of mankind."
    • Reid's' true Infinity+1 Sword, the Last Fencer, may or may not be named after one of the titles Cless can get in Tales of Phantasia.
    • One of the collectibles in this game are lens. Yes, those lens. You can show your lens to one Ilene Rembrandt for various rewards. Getting all 60 gives you the "Lens Hunter" title. "Lens Hunter" was Rutee's self-proclaimed job in the last game.

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