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Trivia: Scarface: The World is Yours
  • All-Star Cast: Aside from Robert Loggia and Steven Bauer lending voices for the game (though not in the same role as the film), the voice cast also includes James Woods, Anthony Anderson, Michael York, Ricky Gervais, Oliver Platt, Robert Davi, Kevin Dillon, Michael Rapaport and many other notable character actors.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • When he's not a Drug Lord, Tony is also the Desian Grand Cardinal Forcystus and Sideswipe. Damn, he's good.
    • Tony's new partner, "The Sandman" is voiced by the same guy who played Manny in the movie (that would be Steven Bauer), and the narrator is voiced by Robert Loggia, who played Frank Lopez, Tony's backstabbing boss from the original film.
    • Robert Davi takes over for the late Paul Shenar as ruthless Latino drug lord Alejandro Sosa.
    • Obviously, the Arms Dealer is also The Kill Master.
    • And the Babylon Club's doorman is Deebo. As well as the President of Earth.
    • The drive-in theater's manager is Shaft. Damn straight.
    • Pitbull is one of the henchmen.
    • Jin-Soo Kwan (or Gavin Park) is managing the Chi Peso Trattoria. And he doesn't hesitate to shoot whoever tries to trash the place.
    • Coco also manages a vampire nightclub.
    • In fact, there's a lot of famous voices (and professionals, some from The Ocean Group, of all places) who are part of the cast. Sometimes as background pedestrians, cops or thugs, sometimes as minor characters, sometimes both.
    • Most bizarre of all is the cameo of Ahmed "Jar Jar Binks" Best in there... somewhere (the hotel receptionist from early in the game?).
    • Cheech And Chong appear in the game Cheech Marin is mob boss Gaspar Gomez and Tommy Chong is some random hippie you encounter at various locations in the streets.
    • Jillian Barberie, Ice-T, Jay Mohr, and Ricky Gervaus are also there.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • André Sogliuzzo voiced Tony in The World Is Yours, although Al Pacino's likeness remains.
    • Being a frequent understudy of Pacino on stage, Sogliuzzo was a natural pick by the man himself to be the new Tony.
    • This is also inverted numerous times with some of the supporting characters, who were played in the movie by relative unknowns only to be replaced by more famous actors in The World is Yours:
      • James Woods takes on the role of Tony's lawyer George Sheffield.
      • Cheech Marin takes over the part of Gaspar Gomez.
      • Michael York is Jerry, Tony's banker.
      • Miguel Sandoval is Nacho Contreras.

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