Trivia: RuneScape

  • Defictionalization: Some food items, such as "crunchies" and "battas," were sold as real food during RuneFest, a fan event organized by Jagex.
  • Gaiden Game: Armies of Gielinor, a Turn-Based Strategy game that takes place during the God Wars.
  • Money, Dear Boy: In December 2010, the American company Insight Venture Partners purchased majority ownership of Jagex, the developers of RuneScape, after slowly buying into the company since October 2005. Since then, the Squeal of Fortune was introduced in February 2012, Solomon's General Store followed in July 2012, the cost of membership has gone up sharply, and the number of microtransaction promotions now tends to far outnumber the quantity of in-game content updates. This has, not surprisingly, led to frequent accusations from the player base that Jagex and IVP are caring more about the game as a revenue stream rather than as an online community.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • On multiple occasions. The pub in southeast Ardougne, for example, was designed and voted on by players, and the name of the sea monster Thalassus from the "Deadliest Catch" quest was suggested and selected by the public.
    • The Chaos Giant and Ikadia from Birthright of the Dwarves were also the result of a competition for fan-made designs.
  • Old Shame: Romeo and Juliet, to the point where they edited a four-year-old letter (Issue 14 of Postbag From the Hedge, published December 2006) just to further erase the quest's existence.
  • Shrug of God: Jagex deliberately left Zaros's alignment ambiguous for years.
  • What Could Have Been: Sir Owen was initially going to be involved in a quest where he was a Badass in Distress, but it was scrapped. Also, he was meant to go by "Ewain" and looked less rugged.
  • The Wiki Rule: The RuneScape Wiki