Awesome Music / RuneScape

Sometimes, MIDI can work better than expected...

  • Born to do this, a heroic main theme of Daemonheim. Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizen's theme puts a new take on that.
  • Not to be outdone, Night-gazer Khighorahk.
  • Adorno VII, one of the furnished floor battle themes.
  • Rammernaut says hi.
  • The track for Luminiscient Icefiend starts slow and ominous, then grows to a glorious (read: Lord of the Rings) peak just before the end.
  • Most of the Dungeoneering tracks really do fit with the atmosphere in the theme you're currently dunging on. On frozen floors there's random 'chilling' sounds showing that you are actually in a freezing area. The music is often rather slow too. In the Furnished floors the music makes you feel like you're breaking into a castle full of armed guards, hence the fast-paced themes. On the occult floors things get freaky what with all the necromancers, reanimated zombies and demons. The music is full of church organs, drums and ominous incorrehent chanting. The ambient sounds inbetween battles sound freaky too, as if the place was haunted. Finally, in the Warped floors, music becomes heavy, twisted, random and intriguing, fit with the theme of being too close to whatever grand power warps the guard dogs', rats' and brutes' bodies.

Old School
  • Pick & Shovel, an upbeat tune that plays in the Motherlode Mine.
  • Coil, a sorrowful, daunting piece that accompanies Zulrah's boss fight.
  • Kourend the Magnificent, unlocked when you enter Zeah for the first time.