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Headscratchers: RuneScape
  • I was reminiscing about the old Runescape days when some fridge logic hit me: Why is it that you could walk through - and even stand on - a fire that someone's set without ever getting burned? I know you control a character you can send anywhere with navigable walking squares, but shouldn't a fire still burn if everything else remains logically ordered, like gravity still working properly?
  • Why does chocolate cake give more health than regular cake? Seeing as how chocolate might make it more fattening...
    • No one gets fat on Gielinor, you know that, right? And since it takes more time and effort to make the chocolate cake, it stands to reason it'd heal more points.
      • Why does it take more time and effort to make chocolate cake than "regular" cake? How do you even define "regular" cake?
      • Well, chocolate cake has chocolate in it. That's the extra time and effort. Regular cake is cake without chocolate.
      • Why aren't you people even questioning the reason why cake restores health?
      • Two Words: Hyperactive Metabolism. Chocolate Cake has more calories than normal Cake, ergo, it heals more.
  • I hated that at the end of 'The Chosen Commander' quest, Juna and Zanik's friendship goes down the drain. You'd think that Juna would put friendship before a destiny that would result in thousands of needless deaths.
    • Juna is quite devoted to Guthix, and Guthix wanted this to happen. To me it's more of a disillusioning moment for Guthix fans(like myself), a reminder that Guthix and Juna are True Neutral and are just as likely to support or condemn good deeds as evil deeds. Juna remarks that the attack was not only in Bandos's interest, so it likely had something to do with the balance that Guthix embodies. (Likely involving reducing the human population and making the goblins stronger.) It may actually have negative consequences in future quests, as Saradomin once said in the God Letters that Guthix has claimed his balance is the "Greater Good". (Saradomin didn't agree of course, but he is nowhere near as powerful and wise as Guthix.)
      • But if you think about it, there's no way Guthix would want Bandos to win. Bandos was planning to do the same thing to Gielinor as he did to Yu'biusk. Basically, destroy all nature. Since Guthix is also a god of nature, how could he want that?
      • I'd have to agree with the above, but for some other reasons (of course!). Bandos literally stated that he would bring the God Wars back and cover Geilnor in the glory of war. But last I checked, Guthix literally stated that the next time a God Wars erupted across the land, he'd press the magic reset button and destroy the universe. Juna either has been locked away from the outside world longer than we thought, or she really is just a big jerk.
      • I would assume that Gods directly entering and interacting with the realm would break the Eddicts, however Bandos was smart enough to leave an amulet imbued with part of his power within Yu'Biusk in advance, so he could control the chosen one, who would most likely round up the goblins to conquer the world...or at least do a few hundred casualties.
    • It's worse than all of that, really. Juna isn't opposed to you figuring out how to kill the Avatar of Bandos. She is opposed to you encouraging Zanik to defy her deity. Basically, Juna's view is that as a goblin, Zanik is the property of Bandos, and has no more right to disobey his will than your character's weapons have to turn on you (her exact words). Yeah, that cost me all my respect for Juna and Guthix as well.
  • You'd think they would have made the player able to depurple a cat by now.
  • How the hell do you pronounce Gielinor anyway?
    • "Guy-Lin-Ore"?
    • "Gee-Leh-Nore"? (the "Gee" is NOT pronounced "Jee".)
    • "Guy-Lah-Nwar"?
    • Screw Gielinor, how do you pronounce "Ardougne?" And especially almost everything that has to do with TzHaar?
    • Ardougne's easy, "Ar-doon". But Tz Haar pronunciation is nucking futs.
      • This Troper says "Gly-nor" "Arg-Dorn" and "Tz-Haar."
      • This Troper incorrectly pronounces Gielinor as "Gleen-or," but thinks "Ar-Dough-nay" and "Tz'aar" might be right.
      • Jagex has said somewhere that "Ardougne" rhymes with "coin." This troper pronounces TzHaar as "'Tis Har."
      • This troper pronounces Ardougne as 'Arr-doyn', TzHaar as 'T-zaar' and 'Gielinor' as 'Gee-Lin-Ore'.
      • This Troper pronounces Gielinor jee-LINE-uh, Ardougne arr-DOWG-nee and Tz Haar tuh-ZAR
      • This Troper remembers they said Ardougne is "Arr-doyn" and pronounces Gielinor "Gee-lin-or", and Tzhaar as "Ta-zaar". Of course, he also pronounces Armadyl "Arm-all-dee" so there is no way to tell.
      • Surely this troper cannot be the only one to say "Ghee-ell-uh-nor", "Are-dune" and "Tuh-czar", for these pronunciations
      • Oh, come on. You aren't saying This Troper is the only one who pronounces them Ar-dowg-nee and Tz-ar?
    • How do you pronounce ANYTHING in this game?!
    • According to the latest 'Runescape Trailer', it's 'Gill-in-or'
    • See Postbag 35 for the official word on how to pronounce Al Kharid, Ardougne, Burgh de Rott, Karamja, Meiyerditch, Morytania, Phasmatys, Jatizso, Neitiznot, Sanguinesti, Yanille, Lletya, and Isafdar.
  • How does it make sense that a black longsword can cost more than an adamant longsword? I know it's impressive to wear full black, but honestly guys.
    • With the right level, a player can mine some adamant ore, smith it and make an adamant longsword. You can't make black weapons/armour, which is why it's more expensive.
      • Also, those ghosts that drop the stuff you need to make Blessed Spirit Shields. If you're wearing ANYTHING other than full black (including weapons), you can't fight them. Hence their demand.
  • In the quest "Priest In Peril" the bad guys trick you into killing a Guardian dog. The king of Varrock later tells you that the dog was guarding a passage in order to keep the kingdom from being invaded. The dog in question is level 30. How was that dog supposed to guard against an army, let alone a lesser demon?
    • He wasn't stopping the invasion himself, he was guarding the well, and keeping the servants of Zamorack from reaching it. The River Salve is what holds back the armies, and the dog keeps the mages from doing anything to the river. After killing the dog, the mages corrupt the river, and you need to remove the curse.
  • Don't get me started on Crandor's supposed unknown location. Just... look at it at some game's map.
    • It's not supposed to be unknown. The point is that it's surrounded by reefs, and there's only one way to sail through them without getting shipwrecked.
  • I wonder why Guthan's set's effect and blood spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook do work on the undead, but NOT the enchanted onyx bolts?
    • A Wizard Did It?
    • Sliske was the one who placed his Barrows curse on the Barrows Brothers, granting their otherworldly powers, plus he is a Zarosian Mahjarrat, it wouldn't be much of a stretch if the curse was a Zarosian curse, perhaps since Zamorak is an Ascended Fanboy afterall, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that Necromancy originated from Zaros' followers themselves, justifying why Guthan's Armor and Blood spells can absorb health from the undead whereas Onyx Bolts doesn't.
  • How come Troll Fathers (in the Troll Invasion) looks exactly like Water Trolls, when it was stated that Water Trolls are NOT proper Trolls at all. (from the looks of the Sea Troll Queen)
    • Do you remember who said Sea Trolls aren't proper trolls? Other trolls.
    • Assuming that they are similar, yet different species, how come there is the need for a Queen, but regular Trolls has shown multiple females, if they're a similar species to each over, wouldn't it make sense for both of them to have a 'Queen'? (Think Bees and Ants)
  • When was Sliske first mentioned? I can't find a definitive first mention of him; it's almost as if, oddly appropriately, he appeared out of nowhere. The earliest I can find is a special postbag edition when in game characters wrote to the players instead of the other way around, and one player included a mention of Sliske in their reply.
    • He's the bad guy in the story of the Barrows Brothers, though he's not named.
    • Yes, exactly. When did we learn his name? And when did we learn it was him who cursed the Barrows Brothers?
      • Zemouregal mentioned him in his notes on the other Mahjarrat, and Azzandra mentioned him. As for when we learned about him and the Barrows Brothers, it was made canon in "The Ritual of the Mahjarrat".
      • The first mention of Sliske's name was in Postbag 20, where Azzanadra described him as "Sliske the serpent-tongued, who delves the shadows." In "The Fall of Six", there's a line where "the odd figure disappeared from the camp, delving into the shadows at its edge", which is what tips us off that the odd figure is actually Sliske.
  • How come Godswords, aka powerful weapons designed to turn the tide of the God Wars cannot kill the Vyrewatch?
    • Because the Vyrewatch can still read your mind and know where you are going to swing a Godsword. No matter how powerful the weapon is, if it cannot hit, then it cannot cause damage. The only reason the Ivandis Flail even works at all is because it is so chaotic and disjointed that the Vyrewatch cannot tell where or how it will hit. Blisterwood weapons are a tailor-made weakness of the Vampyre race, being their Kryptonite Factor as well as growing even as you use them. About the only other option left would be freezing time so that the Vyrewatch can't move while you smack it around, but that ability seems unlikely to ever be usable by players.
    • Well to freeze time will be the equivilant of moving so blisteringly fast that time slows for you so the mind reading ability can't work properly and things become more equal. But now when you think of it, a potion that causes you to have Psychic Static will be a good addition since at the moment it is ridiculous to have weapons made by the gods to have no effect on mortal vampyres. Or at least wear something that give you use a godsword and teach them the meaning of mortality through the Infinity+1 Sword.
      • As before, you can have the most deadly sword in the world, but if your enemy knows exactly how and when to dodge it, then it's still as useless as wielding a rubber chicken. The idea of a potion or spell allowing Psychic Static is an okay one, but the Vyrewatch are still reputed to be powerful magicians and mind-readers, and they already have not one but two in-game weaknesses (the Ivandis Flail and Blisterwood weapons) so why bother with another?
      • It kind of makes them a devastating asset which even makes the Mahjarrat look like pansies. If vampyres took part in the God Wars, not even the generals would be able to defeat them.
      • Of course, various combatants might be capable of outdoing the Vyrewatch at the whole reading-your-moves-ahead-of-time routine, thus nullifying that critical advantage. What's more, during the God Wars the gods themselves were present in combat — it seems unlikely that the Vyrewatch would prevail in that fight at the very least.
      • About the Vyrewatch not being in the God Wars, it's possible there's another weakness vampyres have. It hasn't been confirmed ingame yet, but it wouldn't be shocking: sunlight. The Vyrewatch live in a region shrouded in darkness (not sure where exactly it says this, though), but outside of Morytania, they'd need to be cautious. Furthermore, during the God Wars, the Saradomist and Armadyl troops who opposed them would be powered up by the presence of their gods, whereas the vampyres wouldn't be powered up by Zamorak since Vanstrom claims they only allied with him out of convenience, not loyalty. Also, during the God Wars, they share a huge border with the Kharidian Desert, whose pantheon A) has been mentioned as fighting during the God Wars and B) has a Sun god. Finally, if the vyrewatch are the older vampyres, during the 3rd Age they might not have had vampyres (aside from the leaders themselves) who were old enough to be invincible like that.
  • If Zamorak is the "god of Chaos", then as a "god" and therefore a greater authority to mortals, why would anyone who truly adheres to chaos-ism bother to follow his lead in the first place? Or furthermore, why hasn't he vanished in a Puff of Logic of his own creation?
    • The original explanation can be found here: "An advocate wouldst be one way of describing the necessary role which mine lesser brother Zamorak fills; another would be a personification. He is a god of Chaos, for he is a god, and yet he is also Chaos itself." The God Letters are no longer Canon, so as for post Retcon, Zamorak isn't an Anthropomorphic Personification anymore, he's just a Physical God, so it hardly matters. He's just preaching chaos as a means to strength.
  • Why does Draynor Village, a hamlet with barely a half-dozen buildings and a dwindling population, require an Absurdly Spacious Sewer for sanitation? Especially since, being so close to the sea and thus the water table, it would probably flood in no time at all.
  • Why does Zaros need to become an Elder God in order to help the Illujanka? He doesn't need to create life from nothing; he just needs to either fix their reproductive cells, or figure out which part of their reproductive system doesn't work right. Zaros says he learned much of science, so shouldn't he know this? Or has he just not figured out some of the particulars of cellular biology?
    • Of course, Zaros has a much more pressing reason to seek out Elder Godhood now.

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