Trivia / Robotech

  • Development Hell: The Hollywood adaptation of Robotech is one of the longest film development projects even to be stuck in the 7th circle of development hell. Many screenwriters, directors, and leading actors have been rumored to be connected to the project — but no live action films have been released. Currently, Sony has the rights and are moving forward with a film franchise with James Wan directing the first film.
    • Also the sequel to The Shadow Chronicles entitled "Shadow Rising" is still in development hell.
    • And Robotech Academy is now stuck too because of failing to meet its gigantic Kickstarter goal to produce a pilot.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Michael Bradley said that if he knew in advance that Yellow Dancer was suppose to be Lancer disguising himself as a woman to avoid being killed/apprehended by Invid forces and their collaborators, he would tried to use a feminine voice or at least, pretend to dress up with female clothes while recording the music in the booth.
  • Executive Meddling: The plot of the Robotech Movie was once going to be vastly different, but had to be changed drastically once the creators of Macross realized this movie could somehow interfere with their profits from Macross: Do You Remember Love?. Somehow.
    • The movie was pulled because it was successful with adults but not with children, the demographic which Cannon considered the film's main audience.
  • Improv: There were many different Ad Bumpers for the show. Each would feature a different character for the show lending their own style and adlibs to the "After These Messages" and "Now Back To Our Show" lines.
    Sean Phillips: Hey, sweetheart, Robotech is back!
    Commander Leonard: The United Earth Forces are ready, so stay tuned for Robotech!
    Nova Satori: As you were! Robotech is back!
    Exedore: A brief intermission is requried for these urgent messages!
    Exedore: Robotech shall now resume transmission.
  • Incestuous Casting: Mother and son Alexandra Kenworthy and Gregory Snegoff play Azonia and Khyron, respectively.
  • Name's the Same: The REF commander who sent Captain Carpenter to Earth was named General Reinhardt. We later see this character at the end of the series as he leads the REF in their last attempt to free Earth from the Invid. Oddly enough this is not a case of Dub Name Change. In Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the military commander on Liberty that Captain Lombard answered to, and the commander of the Third Earth Recapture Mission in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA are both called General Reinhardt. By a freaky coincidence, they happened to have the same name.
  • No Export for You: Due to the massive and convoluted legal snarl between Big West, Tatsunoko, and Harmony Gold, very few Macross series will ever make it across the Atlantic.
    • This doesn't just apply to Macross, but it also applies to anything that features Macross as well. The Dreamcast version of Super Robot Wars Alpha almost got released Statesidenote , since almost all of the licensing companies who held the stateside rights to the titles said yes...except for Harmony Gold, who said no, since they didn't want SDF Macross to be brought to the states and interfere with sales of Robotech, despite the fact that the latter had ended over a decade ago. And the reason why Banpresto couldn't just dummy out the units from Macross was because they were important to the plot of Alpha. And although nothing has been confirmed yet, quite a few fans suspect that the only reason Super Robot Wars V was able to get a multi-region release was because of the absence of Macross in any shape or form.
    • Bad Export for You: Said legal snarl also prevented the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross from being released in the West for quite a while after interest in unedited anime grew; so all we had was Robotech, which essentially became this. Probably due to lack of demand (and the folding of ADV before any releases could be managed), this is still the case in the UK.
  • Re-Cut: In 2004, the entire series was re-edited using new remastered footage from Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada respectively. Since broadcast was no longer a concern, this new version was able to restore most of the footage that had been cut from the three series for time and content. The series now has more violence and nudity than originally seen. The only footage they couldn't put back in were the ones that involved dialogue. Also, the openings/ending sequences were revised to be unique to each individual series, and any title sequences were redone in modern graphics. The audio was also remixed in 5.1 with new sound effects.
  • Referenced by...: StarCraft. The Battlecruiser pilot is a dead ringer for Captain Gloval, Lzerhusskie accent, 'stache, and all.
  • The Other Darrin: Miriya Sterling was voiced by Edie Mirman in The Macross Saga and Catherine Battistone in The Sentinels.
    • Dana Sterling was voiced by Melissa Newman in New Generation and Lara Cody in The Sentinels. According to series creator Carl Macek, Newman "had completely disappeared from the acting community," and that he had lost touch with her.
  • What Could Have Been: After being bombarded with a ton of fan mail asking what happened to Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and all the other surviving Macross Saga characters Carl Macek and Harmony-Gold decided to make their own new Robotech series, Robotech: The Sentinels, a kind of half prequel series that would have taken place in between the end of Macross Saga and the start of The Masters and shown the adventures of Rick and the old cast against a new cast (which included Vince Grant, a new character created to be the brother of Claudia Grant and father of Bowie Grant) as they ventured out into space and, presumably, would have eventually chronicled their return home. Sadly, the animation company in Japan that Harmony-Gold hired went bankrupt due to economic problems, forcing them to scrap the series after only finishing three episodes. These episodes were then turned into a direct to video feature, with the intended adventures of the series then becoming the basis for a series of expanded universe comic books and novels. For what it's worth The Sentinels video feature as it is does fill in some of the gaps when watched in its intended chronological order between Macross Saga and Masters, and as an extra bonus it gives the shippers the chance to see the wedding or Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes.
    • The franchise is somewhat infamous for having many projects planned, but undeveloped. There's also Robotech III: The Odyssey, which never saw the light of day. It would have picked up where New Generation and The Sentinels left off, creating a 260 episode series filling up all weekdays of the year, creating an endless cycle. There's also rumors of a 4th and 5th series, but they were never mentioned by Carl Macek himself, only being hinted at by other members of the production team. Robotech 3000 was another attempt to continue the series, this time in CGI, that never got past a trailer. There's also a few projects stuck in development hell; see above. The only derivative works that have been successfully completed since the end of the original series are the Shadow Chronicles sequel film and Love, Live, Alive, a localized version of a Mospeada OVA.
    • Also, Robotech: The Movie was originally supposed to be a dub of Macross: Do You Remember Love?, but Mega Zone 23 was chosen instead because Harmony Gold couldn't license the former. DYRL? did eventually get a poorly-received Hong Kong Dub unrelated to Robotech, but still hasn't been properly released in North American territories.
    • In addition, Carl Macek had originally intended Super Dimension Century Orguss on being the second Robotech series (and Southern Cross as the third), since it was the second in the the "Super Dimension Trilogy" that started with Super Dimension Fortress Macross and ended with Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. All three shows were unrelated in story, but all were from the same studio, and shared many production team members and story concepts. When he couldn't secure the license to Orguss, Southern Cross was moved up to being the second series, and Tatsunoko's Mospeada was chosen for the third. This explains why that season is by far the most unique of the three. Orguss did receive a faithful dub in the early 90s from LA Hero, but it was shelved after 17 out of 35 episodes were dubbed.
    • The mid-90s saw the release of Robotech toys under the Exosquad banner, and rumors have swirled in the years since, with the most popular one being the alien forces seen in the series finale of Exo Squad (a Cut Short situation) would've been tied to the Robotech universe in some way. But per story editor Michael Edens, he and the other writers didn't know about anything relating to a potential Robotech crossover until they saw the toys; he did say that he would've been happy to incorporate Robotech elements as long as it didn't interfere with their own plans. (Them not crossing over on-screen may have been for the best, because then Exosquad was exempt from all the massive legal troubles regarding Robotech.)
  • The Wiki Rule: Robotech Saga Wiki does what it says on the tin.