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Trivia: Queen's Blade
  • Acting for Two - At least three:
  • All-Star Cast: Excluding Aldra (at least in the original series) and, in less degree, Irma's VA's
  • Alan Smithee - The English dub's cast. Only Leina, Nanael, Setra and the Count Vance's voice actors are credited by their real names.
  • He Also Did: Many of the artists who designed many of the characters are well known for many other series they worked before:
  • Hey, It's That Voice! — The entire cast and due to the incredible size of the cast, it has its own page.
  • Derivative Works:
    • Manga Adaptation: A very odd case: Besides the gamebooks, we have also, not one or two, but six different manga adaptations from both the original series and Rebellion:
      • Queen's Blade Anthology: An anthology of short, funny, stories from many different artists.
      • Queen's Blade Struggle: Basically, the whole plot of this manga shows the girls fighting in the titular tournament and nothing else.
      • Queen's Blade Rurou no Senshi: The manga adaptation of the first anime season, but with some differences in plot.
      • Queen's Blade Hide & Seek: The same as the above, but the plot is seen from Elina's POV, and many different stuff from the original plot of the anime. Also includes the plot of the second season.
      • Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero: An interquel that takes place between the events from the OVAs and the regular Rebellion series, but with a more darker plot.
      • Queen's Blade Rebellion: The Princess Knight of the Blue Storm: The manga adaptation of the Illustrated Stories (not from the anime) who expands some unexplained stuff from them.
  • Now Which One Was That Voice?: In a odd inversion of this trope, Owen's Japanese voice isn't listed in the final episode cast list and, to this date, it hasn't been explained why he's not listed in the cast. Averted with his English voice actor.
    • Played straight with Delmore's English voice actor.
  • Pop-Star Composer: Naomi Tamura, who sings the OP theme of Queen's Blade Rebellion is maybe well known for singing the catchy opening themes in Magic Knight Rayearth, another fantasy series.
  • Recycled Script: The script of the second Beautiful Warriors OVA recycles the plot of the Queen's Blade Bitoshi Retsuden: Adventure of the Vagrant Warrior book who originally starred Leina and Claudette vs Nyx. They're replaced by both Nowa and Alleyne instead, and the battle against Nyx is in a beach in the OVA rather than a volcano like in the book.
  • Relationship Voice Actor
  • Schedule Slip: Of the American DVDs. And also Queen's Blade Rebellion, since they haven't posted more episodes due to Hobby Japan trying to promote the QB gamebooks in the U.S., but it will resume on December 2011.
    • It also happens with some gamebooks (Painkiller Kotone and Sen Tokugawa's ones are the most notorious examples, since their gamebooks were announced since 2011 and they haven't released yet, even when Kotone appeared in Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos). In fact Hobby Japan is really notorious for doing that, and not giving any explanations.
  • What Could Have Been - Originally, the Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos game was planned as a multi-series crossover game Super Robot Wars-style, but using non-mecha series (besides Queen's Blade, other anime series were planned to appear) but it wasn't possible those series to be included, due to the authors and companies being reticent to allow their characters being crossed-over with other characters from other series. The sequel, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos is the closest thing to the original idea Banpresto was able to get and still they weren't allowed to use Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series and she's replaced with both Wonder Momo and Noel Vermillion instead.
    • It's very possible the reason why Kasumi wasn't included is because Tomonobu Itagaki (the former Dead or Alive director) trashed Tekken (a Namco Bandai franchise) really hard and it's possible that Namco Bandai doesn't want Kasumi being crossed-over along with Lily from Tekken
    • Curiously, possibly most of that original idea was used in Heroes Phantasia (and possibly, in the upcoming Super Heroine Chronicle), both Banpresto crossover games for the PSP, PS Vita and PS3.
    • Many characters in their development were somewhat different to their final designs:
      • The Vance sisters and Melpha are the only characters who didn't change too much from the original drafts to the final ones.
      • Tomoe originally was planned to use a rabbit-shaped samurai helmet, not to mention she was planned with different haircuts besides her definitive one.
      • The same goes for Shizuka, who had many different haircuts (one of those haircuts looked like Sarutobi Sasuke's Wild Hair) and originally was planned to use a yukata.
      • While Aldra didn't change a lot from her early drafts, on the other hand Delmore looked more muscular and he looked more like a Stand or an Oversoul, not to mention he had a sword for a hand.
      • Melona was planned to look more like a cat, rather than a girl with rabbit ears.
      • Echidna originally was planned to wear odangos, not to mention her dress was originally more conservative than her definitve one.
      • Menace was planned to use a very elaborated hat, rather than a tiara.
      • Lou (Nowa's pet monkey) was planned originally to be a flying squirrel instead.
      • Nanael was originally planned as a Meganekko, but not different from her final design. She was also planned to use a halo as a weapon, but it was replaced with a saber instead
      • Mirim originally had her hair as a Hime Cut.
      • Eilin was intended to use a ribbon instead of her katusha.
      • Siggy has two different previous designs before her definitive one: One was more Stripperific and the other was more conservative instead, and used a kusarigama rather than her cross-chain.
      • Huit used a hat, rather than her leaf ribbon, and Vignt used tighter shorts rather than her skirt.
      • Tarnyang was originally planed to use a spear, rather than her Chinese sword or jian.
      • Branwen is maybe one of the characters with the most changes before her final design: She originally was planned to have short hair, other using a horned tiara and another one with another tiara with bigger horns.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Queen's Blade Wiki.
  • Word of Dante: A minor one regarding Claudette: Fanon normally gives her the Vance's last name, despise Claudette being a bastard daughter and as such, she can't have any nobility title and she's basically a glorified servant for Count Vance. In canon, only Leina and Elina Vance (the biological daughters of the Count and Maria) have last names and they are addressed as such in many other works, including in the animated adaptation.

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