Headscratchers / Queen's Blade

  • What's the deal with Leina?
    • On one hand, she's put-off by Elina's attempts to get into her panties. Which is part of the reason she ran away from home and refuses to return. Fair enough.
    • Yet, when she visits, she still indulges Elina by bathing with her and spooning with her in bed — NAKED?? Given she's fully aware of her sister's lust for her body, Leina has to realize she's only encouraging her. So why does she do it? Talk about sending mixed signals.
  • If Melona can shape-shift into anything, why does she pick a semi-chubby woman as her base? I know she has to have a base and the character designer probably chose that for variety, but I am curious if there's any in-show explanation for it.
  • If you attempt to assemble the tournament brackets of Season 2's tournament, there are a LOT of inconsistencies. In the first heat, Melona eliminates herself by failing to assassinate Aldra, Tomoe wins against Melpha, Elina wins against Nyx, Echidna and Irma wins against Nowa and Alleyne, Leina wins against Ymir, Airi wins by default against Cattleya, and Claudette wins against Menace. In the second heat, Irma is pit against Risty, when Risty never fought in the first heat. Likewise, Airi faces Nanael in the second heat, when Nanael was absent from the first heat. Nanael goes onto the the third heat to fight Leina, who didn't have an opponent for the second heat, and Risty is pit against Claudette, who was also absent for the second heat, and could have actually been fighting Leina, since neither of them had opponents for the round. Afterwards, Leina advances to the fourth heat to fight Tomoe, who wasn't in the third heat, and defeats her to fight Risty, who wasn't in the fourth heat. Aldra seems to have a really skewed idea of how a tournament bracket works.
    • Maybe they are using the free-for-all format for the matches?
    • There are two scenes that explains this: the thing about nanael missing in the first is with the scene where she gets upset that noone places bets on her. Early in the scene (at least in the english dub) you can here in the background that she won against some random over competitor. Same goes for the random characters: in the scene where Elina is looking over the city at random the camera zooms in at random groups of girls, some of them not the main cast, so its very likely they just cut out all the minor fighters to focus on the main cast to hold on the 12 episode shedule. Also where are already more than enough named ones anyway.
  • Owen, just Owen. How come the narrative spends (or wastes) time by inflating his character with great life achievements such as being such a great warrior in the past and later becoming a blacksmith, only to never actually show at least the slightiest bit of onscreen action to reinforce this? They could pretty much say Cattleya's unamed husband, who did nothing of importance in his life time, got lost on way to the store to buy some milk, and didn't come back ever since, so she has to look for him by participating on the Queen's Blade; it would end up being same thing as Owen's actual value to the story. Also they had to top it off by having him crystalized by Aldra's demon eyes for no given reason, what actually happened to Owen for him to be there, did he suddenly decided to fight against Aldra on a whim? How did he lost? Did he actually put a fight? Damn, it's hard being a male character in Queen's Blade.
    • He was defeated by a Delmore-possesed Aldra, since Delmore wanted to destroy Cattleya's family for destroying his body, who happened before the events of the series took place, but I agree that he being defeated off-screen can be considered really annoying for everyone who watched the series.
  • Does anyone think that the angel race as a whole are a bunch of hypocrites? They talk about bringing order to the world but according to Nanael, the perfect order is men being ruled by angels and women being killed off. Now given Nanael's personality, this could very well be what she imagines, but the angels have demonstrated some traits that are un-angel like that is not called out on such as isolating Nanael because she's different from them (in terms of her wings) and talking behind her back (aren't angels not supposed to treat their own race like that given they're supposed to be the "pure beings".) And given that the angels are one of the more powerful beings in the series that can break the rules, isn't it messed up that the arch angel banished Nanael from Heaven simply because she negotiated with the demons (despite the fact that she lied to them) despite the fact she completed her mission of getting information on the Swamp Witch? This might just be me but I find it hard to believe that Nanael is the only angel that can't get away with this stuff when the other angels have shown to be not as sweet and innocent as everyone makes them out to be.
  • So I hear Kasumi isn't in the Spiral Chaos games. What's the deal with that?