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Trivia: Prototype 2
  • DLC: In this case, the "Disc-Locked Content" variety:
    • The PC version, Steam or otherwise, comes with the DLCs Colossal Mayhem and Excessive Force already included in the game files. Since Radical's closure in terms of development capability, there appears not to be any indication that those two packs will officially made available. Doesn't stop a simple addition of perhaps a few lines of code into an existing game file that tells the game to recognize another external file that essentially enables the DLC content for PC users as it were for the console users. The files to be put into the game's main folder can be found here.
  • Dueling Games: Prototype 2 is being compared to inFAMOUS 2.
  • Executive Meddling: Possibly one of the least veiled examples. Shortly before Radical's decommisioning, a poll on their Prototype 2 Facebook page surveying which platform did users generally play their games on, presumably the ones interested in Prototype 2note . The poll shows PC users outnumbering the combined total of both Microsoft's and Sony's console users, so here is the kicker: Activision stated that the Prototype franchise "did not find a broad commercial audience"... when the potential majority of its would-be players were being held out on a platform that the game had yet to be released on. Of course, Activision has something of a reputation for the so-called devouring of lesser developers for whatever reasonsnote , but this example shows that they've done very little to disguise anything or even attempt to be subtle.
    • Although according to VG Chartz (which granted, doesn't guarantee accuracy), PC sales were less than a tenth of the console sales (whether that was caused by the closure or not is unclear), and Facebook polls are not necessarily the most trustworthy information gathering method.
  • Multi-Platform
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