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Trivia: Prototype 2
  • Dueling Games: Prototype 2 is being compared to inFAMOUS 2.
  • Executive Meddling: Possibly one of the least veiled examples. Shortly before Radical's decommisioning, a poll on their Prototype 2 Facebook page surveying which platform did users generally play their games on, presumably the ones interested in Prototype 2note . The poll shows PC users outnumbering the combined total of both Microsoft's and Sony's console users, so here is the kicker: Activision stated that the Prototype franchise "did not find a broad commercial audience"... when the potential majority of its would-be players were being held out on a platform that the game had yet to be released on. Of course, Activision has something of a reputation for the so-called devouring of lesser developers for whatever reasonsnote , but this example shows that they've done very little to disguise anything or even attempt to be subtle.
    • Although according to VG Chartz (which granted, doesn't guarantee accuracy), PC sales were less than a tenth of the console sales (whether that was caused by the closure or not is unclear), and Facebook polls are not necessarily the most trustworthy information gathering method.

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