Heartwarming / [PROTOTYPE 2]

  • Rooks deciding to kill his own men to let Heller escape NYZ with his daughter. Apparently, he realized that since Even Evil Has Loved Ones, he had to let Heller have his.
  • Despite getting scared of what her father has become, Amaya just gives Heller a hug. Aww!
  • Heller asking Dana to look after Amaya in the event he doesn't make it. Although she's flustered, he calms her down by telling her she's the only person he trusts.
  • Like last game, you can step in to save people under distress from either Ax-Crazy Blackwatch thugs or infected like a bona fide superhero if you actually so choose. As before, it still requires a very precise hand and a lot of holding back, or you might kill the person you're trying to save by accident.
  • Deep in the Red Zone, there's randomly a building, some kind of apartment complex, that has a planter box on the roof near the roof exit door. The planter has flowers growing in it.