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Trivia: Pingu
  • Bad Export for You: The "British Edition" of the show. It added a narrator, shuffled episodes around, and edited the episodes to be more mundane. This version is aired in the UK, as well as in former British colonies like Australia and New Zealand.
  • Fan Nickname: Google "Pingu Leopard Seal" and "Pingu Walrus" and see which gets more correct results. A four year old watching the episode for the first time probably wouldn't know what a leopard seal was, but would associate the mustache with a walrus. There are even pages on facebook about the evil walrus, not leopard seal.
  • Talking to Himself: Fun fact: In the original series, the guy who did the voice of everyone is called Carlo Bonomi, who appeared to be Italian, like Super Mario.
  • What Could Have Been: Rowan Atkinson was originally going to redub the series so that everyone spoke English instead of Penguinese. Due to his plans on doing Blackadder instead, the dialogue was kept unchanged.

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