Trivia: Pingu

  • Bad Export for You: The "Canada Edition" of the show. It added a narrator, shuffled episodes around, and edited the episodes to be more mundane. The "British Edition" takes the badness even further by rearranging and editing it again to remove even more content. This version is aired in the UK, as well as in former British colonies like Australia and New Zealand.
  • Banned In Most Of The World: See Nightmare Fuel and Toilet Humour. While the show itself is not banned proper, several episodes are withheld from broadcast in many countries.
  • Blooper: The first UK VHS releases state that Pingu was first broadcast in 1991, which is actually the show's UK premiere year. The first episode was broadcast in the show's original network, RTSI in Switzerland, in 1986.
  • Fan Nickname: Google "Pingu Leopard Seal" and "Pingu Walrus" and see which gets more correct results. A four year old watching the episode for the first time probably wouldn't know what a leopard seal was, but would associate the mustache with a walrus. There are even pages on facebook about the evil walrus, not leopard seal.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Half of the series has not been shown in America, though some advertisements on Cartoon Network feature footage from the episodes that were never broadcast in America.
    • Only the remastered episodes were included on the U.S. DVD releases, as the cost for completely restoring the original soundtracks of the first two seasons would've been horrendous.
    • Pingu's Dream and Mother Bird were not licensed to VHS. Dream was too scary to be put on home video. Mother Bird was probably a Black Sheep Hit that The BBC wanted to leave out.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here. It may not be well done, but still...
  • Talking to Himself: In the original series, the voice of everyone was done by a VA named Carlo Bonomi, who appeared to be Italian, like Super Mario. Unfortunately his inability to speak English resulted in his dismissal from the revived series, and two actors from London replaced him.
  • What Could Have Been: Rowan Atkinson was originally going to redub the series so that everyone spoke English instead of Penguinese. Due to his plans on doing Blackadder instead, the dialogue was kept unchanged.