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Nightmare Fuel: Pingu
The kid's show Pingu, for a light-hearted show about a little boy penguin, actually has a lot of scary moments to begin with!


  • The infamous Pingu Dreams episode features a nightmare sequence where Pingu is being stalked by a giant mutant walrus/leopard seal hybrid of some sort which plays with him like a toy and eats the mattress from his bed as though it were a chocolate bar. This episode is second only to Pingu's Lavatory Story in terms of its controversy and bans.
    • It's drawn level with or beaten the others in bans now. According to The Other Wiki, Pingu Dreams is banned in almost every country in the world, and probably in any alien civilizations that may have picked it up.
    • Or, if you are lucky enough to buy a copy of the Swiss French/Chinese framebooks.
  • Pingu Runs Away. Pingu runs off into the night after his parents spank him for misbehaving and he imagines that he sees scary faces in the ice. This one has been banned too, as much as Dream and Lavatory Story, but doesn't seem to have as much exposition as either.
  • The episode where Pingu gets into an accident, where he hurts his nose, so that it begins to bleed. Pingu is shown panicking and in pain as blood drips to the floor.
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