Trivia / Pico

  • Development Hell: Pico's School 2 has been this for nearly two decades at this point. Tom Fulp himself has said that he still wants to finish it.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: After Disney and The Jim Henson Company found out about Pico vs. Bear, it had to be taken down and edited to replace the characters from Bear in the Big Blue House with Captain Ersatzes. The original version was made available as an Easter Egg to veteran users as part of the "secrets" system, but with the redesign of the site, the "secrets" system no longer works.
  • Too Soon: Defied. The Columbine massacre was what inspired Tom Fulp to create Pico's School in the first place! In fact, the original version was more whimsical and scatological, but Columbine caused the whole thing to be deliberately retooled as a parody.