Trivia / Pet Sematary

  • Author Phobia: The Gage incident is based on King's own son having a close encounter with a truck. King mentions in On Writing that it is a parent's job to save your kid's life. His son bolted towards a road where semis blew by on a regular basis, and King caught him. What he couldn't stop thinking about was what would have happened if he hadn't. As he put it, he not only found himself thinking the unthinkable, but writing it down. He thought that the story went too far and was too dark and unenjoyable, and he was considering not publishing it.
    • In a foreword for the Signet paperback edition, King mentions his young daughter jumping on plastic wrap bubbles and ranting, "Let God have his own cat!" after the death of her pet, Smucky. This rant appears in the book, as does Smucky's grave ("He was obediant").
  • Referenced by...:
    • Robot Chicken did a parody of the film by doing a Crossover with Davey and Goliath.
    • In one episode of South Park, Butters is seemingly killed. Mr. Scotch's neighbor comes over and warns him not to bury "him" (actually a pig carcass) in the local Indian Burial Ground. It follows the scene from the film nearly word-for-word. When Butters returns from his Wacky Hijinks after Mr. Scotch re-buried the pig corpse, he assumes Butters is a zombie.
  • Technology Marches On: In the book, a terabyte (and even 64 kilobytes!) is spoken of as an obscene and unthinkable amount of memory for a computer to have.