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Funny: Pet Sematary
  • After his son dies, Louis, (as he's near to losing his sanity from grief) can't help but think of dark jokes.
    • When he buys the coffin, in his mind "an announcer suddenly spoke up cheerfully: I got my kid's coffin free, for Raleigh coupons!"
    • When his friend says that they should meet for lunch, the idea seems so alien to him that it reminds him of Sci-Fi novels: "The natives here on Planet Quark have an odd custom when one of their children dies, Lieutenant Abelson: they meet for lunch. I know how grotesque and barbaric that sounds, but remember, this planet has not been terraformed yet".
  • Surrendra Hardu, the doctor that has the night shift at the university, describes an incident where an incredibly drunk girl with a large cut on her thigh is brought into the infirmary, and while he is stitching her up, she pukes on his head.
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